Time change for next Sunday

ESPN picked up that one, too, so for TV purposes, it’s going to start at the same time this one did. For beat writer purposes, it’s going to start three hours earlier, because we’ll be in PHX and it’ll start at 5:05 (woohooooo!!!!!) instead of 8:05 (booooooo!!!!).

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  • Vasquez

    This game tonight is EXACTLY why this team will not make the playoffs. You never really had the feeling the Dodgers would end up taking this one. Manny is coming back down to earth and the Dodgers are once again mediocre at best. Kuroda gave them a solid effort and the bullpen did well, until Jonathan Broxton came in and blew it. Earlier in the game the Dodgers had the bases loaded and nobody out, decent teams get one run out of that. The Dodgers got none as Casey Blake grounded into a double play and Russell Martin flied out. All you need is a fly ball Casey!!!! Then in the eigth Beimel retires Utley, Burrell and Howard, and we think we’re in the clear. Broxton who is quickly becoming a joke of a pitcher, lets Shane Victorino get a leadoff hit, walks a minor leaguer and lets the game get tied up. in the 11th the powerhouse vitorino turned a single into a double because of Manny’s laziness and a few nobodys got on and Pedro Feliz hit one out. Thank you Broxton and Johnson for being terrible. This team never had this game and is going nowhere.