Please don’t feed the sportswriters

They’re bringing a stadium tour group through the press box right now. One of the things that really inspired me to want to become a baseball writer (I actually already wanted to become one when this happened, but this really cemented it) was when I was 16 years old, attending the National High School Press Association convention in St. Louis, and we took a tour of old Busch Stadium that took us into the press box. The tour wasn’t part of the convention, just something for the school newspaper and yearbook staffs from my school in Arkansas to do on an afternoon when nothing else was scheduled. The football Cardinals still played there at the time, and the place was configured for football (this was a Saturday in November). But they took us into the baseball press box, the first time I was ever in a major-league press box. Anyone who was ever in the press box at old Busch Stadium will tell you it was one of the most spartan, uncomfortable and in many ways non-functional boxes in the league, but I was enthralled that day, and I vowed that the next time I set foot in that box, it would be in a working capacity. I made good on that promise when I went to St. Louis with the Rockies in August 1999. Just another one of my boring stories about ME, but hey, I got nothing else to post right now.

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  • snuffy02

    I got to tour Dodger Stadium a few years ago during batting practice. Got to go on the field, in the clubhouse, & in the press box–the Vin Scully Press Box. Vin took the time to stop what he was doing & shook my hand & talked to me for a little bit. He’s about the nicest guy I’ve ever met in my life. What an experience. I had gone to a couple a fantasy camps in Vero Beach & Craig Callan, Dodgertown Director, had set me up in LA. The Dodgers treated me like royalty. On the other hand, meeting Tommy Lasorda at the fantasy camps was the biggest disappointment as a lifelong Dodger fan. Got to see the non-public Lasorda & he was the most vile sport figure I have ever encountered. Go figure.

  • Denton True

    I hear ya, Jackson.

    When I toured Dodger Stadium and sat in the empty press box, 7 hours before game time, it was a great feeling and and made me think how lucky you guys are to have a great view of the action night after night. Sure, everything gets old after awhile I suppose but you don’t have to be a sportwriter forever, right?

  • Harpo JB

    “Got to see the non-public Lasorda …”

    I have told people for years that there are only two things about Lasorda that I dislike:

    his face.

  • Tony Jackson

    Yeah, the disappointing thing about that tour group that came in here today was that if any of those kids was inspired to want to work in this box one day, it’s probably too late. In 1983, when I went on that tour, the newspaper business was thriving, and it still had a lot of romanticism to it. But even then, the future of newspapers was being called into question. Twenty-five years later, our industry is really struggling. I still love it, but I just hope it’s there for me to love for a few more years.

  • Andrea

    Seems to me that Dodgers pitching fell apart as soon as the deal was signed for Maddux. Last time, he made the pitching staff better, this time, they’ve all turned skittish. Sheesh.

  • Andrea

    Of course, if the team doesn’t score runs, it doesn’t much matter what the pitchers do, does it?

  • TeamHasHoles

    Are you kidding, feeding you guys is the LEAST they could do since you were forced to watch that DREK this weekend.

    My kingdom for a CLUTCH HIT!!!!

  • bob_85364

    Wow… Tony was so disgusted he didn’t post anything about Monday’s game (Probably had to catch the flight to WASH) If the Dodgers were in any other division (or NL West was as strong as anticipated) they would be 10-15 games back.

  • LimpingGibby

    The ESPN announcers, including one Orel Hershiser, were ripping the Dodgers throughout the game. Lack of fire, blank stares, punch and judy hitting, etc. Jeff Kent comes cadillacing around first when he could have gone for two on that blooper: ripped.

    Frankly, this team deserves to be ripped. Those last two games they needed desperately and these guys show up with this effort? No leadership at all.

  • Harpo JB

    “Tony was so disgusted he didn’t post anything about Monday’s game”

    It may not be disgust at all, but merely being busy. There is a lot more to the Daily News than reader-participation blogs. Tony wrote two stories for the “real” newspaper 760 words about the game, and a 650-word story about Broxton.