It sure beats what they used to have

Back in 2003, when I was covering the Reds and they moved into the rather bland Great American Ball Park, people would ask me what I thought of the place, and that’s what I would always say, that it sure beats what they used to have. Well, that’s about the way I would sum up Nationals Park, as well. It’s not what I would call beautiful or spectacular, but anything — AND I DO MEAN ANYTHING — would have beaten RFK Stadium, otherwise known as America’s Toilet Bowl. In an era when almost every one of the National League’s parks is new, there isn’t much to set this place apart, other than the view of the capitol dome in the distance beyond left field. The back drop beyond the outfield consists almost entirely of mid-rise office and apartment buildings (for security reasons, you’re only allowed to build to a certain height in Washington). But then, it’s 4 p.m., right now. The real test will come when the sun sets, the place is lit up and filled with paying customers and there is a ballgame going on.

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  • Voldomer

    It gets no better when it is full. Dull, dull, dull. On TV the Capitol looks easy to see, but at the stadium itself I could only see it when far down the right field line.

  • Tony Jackson

    Voldomer, you’re exactly right. It’s the fifth inning now, completely dark, and this game has all the electricity of a Florida Marlins game at Dolphin Stadium. Although I CAN see the dome pretty well from my seat here in this nosebleed press box.