Orel Hershiser’s remarks

They seem to have created quite a stir on the blogosphere today, but I haven’t heard them for myself, and so I’m obviously a little leery of writing much about them. I did receive an IM during the game last night (from my dad) telling me that Orel was very critical of the Dodgers during the ESPN2 broadcast. I actually waited for Orel after the game (at the cost of missing Torre’s postgame), but when I got him, he didn’t want to comment for the paper. “Just listen to the broadcast,” he said. Tough to do when you’re on a deadline, and frankly, I don’t know that you can even get that on-line anywhere. From what I have been told, he said something about walking through the clubhouse before the game and seeing a “passionless” team, although I don’t have any proof that that is the word he used (even though I have heard it from a couple of different sources). But if anybody can turn me on to a web site where there might be actual footage (or sound) of these comments, I would love to go there.

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  • AZShaker


    I do not know where to direct you, but Orel, (and Steve Phillips), hammered the Dodgers continually. Their basic premise was that the clubhouse was still divided, much like last year. From what I have read, both Manny and Blake have been well received. Kemp and Ethier can’t help it if Juan Pierre cries at the end of the bench because he’s 4th OF now. If the young guys were a big problem this year, I’m sure Jeff Kent would let everyone know about.

  • Jayrew

    Orel should blast the pathetic joke that is my favorite team in all of sports. It hurts to watch a team play so lifelessly. The guy was part of our most recent “blue-collar” team so he knows what it takes to win in L.A. If the clubhouse is still divided, than we have the wrong mix of players.

    Also, it was interesting to read that Carlos Santana, who was the catcher in the casey blake deal, was named MVP of the california league. This season provides no hope for the future, since the future is being dealt to try and win a division when the Dodgers are clearly not cut out for the task. When will this end?? I know loney kemp and ethier are the immediate future of this team, but after that, we are screwed. What happens when furcal leaves for free agency? Are we supposed to rely on Chin Lung Hu? Is Pablo Ozuna or Tony ABreu the hair apparent to jeff kent? What about third base? We traded that prospect for Manny. And god kows who we are going to throw in to complete the Maddux deal.

    I’m as big of a Dodger fan as anyone who visits this site, and any other site for that matter, but it looks like we are going to be hurting for years to come. I may sound pessimistic, but where am I supposed to find ANY optimism other than Matt Kemp and Ethier showing signs of being quality MLB ballplayers? I know Russell is a phenomenal catcher with a blue-collar attitude, but we’re still not sure if he can catch everyday, with his dismal rate of throwing out runners (some of that blame falls on the pitchers) and his hitting going south toward the end of the year.

    I hate to say it gang, but in my estimation, we gotta do what the Kings did, and just start over and take our lumps. In the words of Dean Lombardi…”You have to be really bad before you can be any good.”


  • The 5th Outfielder

    The 5th Outfielder said:

    TUESDAY 8/26/08

    Another Dodger game, yet another Dodger loss – and the one constant remains the journey ‘e’, ethier. With the loss the Dodgers are now 5-12 when ethier starts, this compared to 14-4 when Juan Pierre starts…fascinating

    Cheer up shakey ‘az’, only 30 games left in the journey “e’s” Dodger career…Nippon beckons him, come home.

    : )

  • Yeah, it must be Juan Pierre’s 1-4 every night that powers the Dodgers to wins.