Torre responds to Hershiser

This is for tomorrow’s paper. It is important to reiterate here that Joe did NOT hear Hershiser’s comments directly, nor did I, so this is kind of awkward reporting.

Dodgers manager Joe Torre took exception on Tuesday to comments made by former Dodgers World Series hero Orel Hershiser during the ESPN2 broadcast of Monday night’s loss at Philadephia, although it wasn’t immediately clear what those comments were. Torre said he had been told of them secondhand, and Hershiser, who served as an in-game analyst for the cable channel, declined a request from the Daily News immediately after that game to clarify what he had said on the air.
“Just listen to the broadcast,” Hershiser said. “I don’t want to say it for the paper.”
According to multiple sources, Hershiser, who also worked a Dodgers-Phillies game in Los Angeles for ESPN2 on Aug. 11, questioned the Dodgers’ passion and team chemistry.
“He came in (before Monday’s game) and talked to me, and I did a couple of interviews,” Torre said. “(But) I never got any questions along those lines. I don’t know where that came from. For me, I don’t think there is any prototypical passionate team that has guys hanging from lockers and stuff. This game really is about determination moreso than showing somebody else what they think it should look like.”
Hershiser pitched for the Dodgers from 1983-94 and again in 2000 and was the Most Valuable Player of the 1988 World Series. He also seemed for a time to be a candidate for the team’s managerial vacancy after Jim Tracy was fired following the 2005 season.
“I have always been a proponent of the fact you have to eliminate the highs and lows in this game, because you have to keep it on an even keel and maintain it for 162 games. I don’t know any clubhouse where, if you have lost three (in a row) and five of six, you’re going to see guys jumping around and doing things other people consider positive.”

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  • TeamHasHoles

    This f’n team sux. bases loaded twice in this game with no one out and they have one friggin run to show for it. I wish the D-Backs would just put us out of our misery… Makes no difference, the Rockies will pass the dodgers soon anyway.

    And by the way, I’m not sure enough NEGATIVE things can be said about this franchise. Colletti is a joke, Torre was the wrong hire and these players show absolutely no heart or desire. They look apathetic each night. Nobody takes losing personally on this team.


  • ManRam

    Orel is right. This team is missing something. It’s been several years since the Dodger Blue spirit has been felt. Its something you can’t buy.

    I just watched Loney strike out with a man on first with no outs in the 8th. This is pitiful to watch. Can we not ask him to bunt? We’re going to lose to the Nationals? A bunch of no-names? We’re lucky AZ lost last night.

    We need Tommy as 3rd base coach. SOMETHING PLEASE!

  • phillydodger

    the most noise all night was probably made by the handful of Dodger fans chanting, “Let’s Go Dodgers!”

    Kemp probably swung at ball four and five with two on and one out in the ninth! Yikes!!!

    It’s true with baseball that when team is losing it is just brutal to watch. I saw them twice in Philly (Sat and Sun) and they looked like they were sleep walking. But don’t forget this is the same team that won even while being no-hit by the Angels.

    This team is .500 with or without Andruw Jones.
    With or without Pierre.
    With or without Manny.
    With or without Penny.
    With or without Easler or Mattingly.

    It just is what it is. They get to four games about .500 only to drop down to two below. I see them as an 85 game win team (maybe) while the Snakes win it with 88.

  • The 5th Outfielder

    TUESDAY 8/26/08

    Another Dodger game, yet another Dodger loss – and the one constant remains the journey ‘e’, ethier. With the loss the Dodgers are now 5-12 when ethier starts, this compared to 14-4 when Juan Pierre starts…fascinating

    Cheer up shakey ‘az’, only 30 games left in the journey “e’s” Dodger career…Nippon beckons him, come home.

    : )

  • AZShaker

    UR right skeptic…

    JoUrneymAN pierre has 30 more games on the bench before he’s traded for a bag of balls, and 20 cases of jock itch.

    When he is gone u can be gone…

    That was 5th Outfielder ladies and gentlemen…He’ll be in the lounge all week…Enjoy the spare ribs!!!

  • LeVaughn Pinner

    Orel Hershiser can say what he said. Know why? Because when he wore the Dodger uniform, they won a championship. Because when he wore the Dodger uniform, they didn’t dream of going two full decades without winning one playoff series.

    Bring L.A. a championship, you get credibility in L.A.

    Squander $119 million (or whatever it is now), end up in the bottom half of the National League and blow chunks all over a fairly important road trip, and you do not.

    Even though he had that sorry period where he wore orange and black, he’s still the one guy (of the few connected with this franchise who did) who can say he didn’t leave his best back in San Francisco. The Dodgers should take heed.

  • TeamHasHoles

    AZShaker is always funnier than 5th OF.

  • max_power

    Orel is right. I don’t know games Joe has been watching but he obviously doesn’t know whats going on around him. He looks like a lifeless corpse out there. We’ve certainly taken on the personality of our manager and it just so happens to be Torre’s sleepy disinterested personality. He needs to retire. He’s doing more harm then good and that goes without mentioning his horrible lineup decisions early in the season, his mismanagement of the bullpen and his terrible in game management.

    We need a manager with fire, someone who can relate to these players and be interactive with them. How good would we be if we had Joel Maddon as our manager? His enthusiasm alone would have a huge impact. We instead play the game like a 67 year old man.

  • Tony Jackson

    Hey Max, if they hire Joel Maddon, does that mean Nicole Richie or Hillary Duff will be hanging around his office when he meets with the writers? Oh, wait, you mean JOE Maddon, the guy who manages the Rays. I thought you wanted that guy from Good Charlotte with all the tattoos to manage the Dodgers.

  • snuffy02

    Anyone notice that Larry Bowa, who is part of the cursed Dodgers coaching staff, said the same thing as Orel Hershiser?