Professionalism takes a vacation

Washington Nationals general manager Jim Bowden, a man who was difficult to take seriously when I first met him eight years ago when he was the Reds GM and I was starting on the beat there, is even MORE difficult to take seriously now. As he walked onto the field today to watch his team taking batting practice, he was wearing fake Manny Ramirez dreadlocks under a Nationals cap. This is the same guy who, on a Reds interleague trip to Texas in 2002, stood behind the cage dressed head to toe in Western wear, including cowboy hat and cowboy boots. Despite the props, he didn’t in any way look the part, and the scouts who typically gather in the press box just before the game were laughing hysterically at him. One day, when he is done playing around, Jimbo might want to put some time into building a team that doesn’t have the worst record in the majors. … Dodgers decided to hold off on that second roster move, so Tanyon Sturtze gets a reprieve. He might not even be the odd man out now. Torre said it depends on what happens tonight and how deep he has to go into the bullpen.

  • TeamHasHoles

    The same Jackass who during the winter meetings in 2001 decided to insult Dan Evans by delaying a meeting until Tommy Lasorda showed up because he was the true decision maker for the Dodgers. It didn’t have anything to do with the fact the Dodgers picked Kevin Malone over him as GM back in ’98 did it? Fact is, he really hasn’t done anything in baseball…

    Jim Bowden still has a job and almost 7% of Employable Americans don’t, that’s the true shame of it all.

  • Yeager

    Reminds me of when “The Sheriff” Kevin Malone challenged a Padres fan to a fight because he was ragging on the Dodgers, now that’s a professional GM.

  • bob_85364

    hee hee… Fred Claire where are you?

  • TeamHasHoles

    While the Dodgers tried to solve their offensive woes by bringing up a guy who was in a 2-Month slump before they sent him down, Nomar is now hitting .146 since coming back from the DL. All singles and one HR. 2 RBI in 13 games. You can’t tell me Angel Berroa would be worse with the bat and he’s definitely a better glove man.

    Speaking of better glove men, it’s nice to see the Dodgers send Ozuna away as Jeff Kent plays second like a second grader. Nice throw Officer Kent. One thing is still for sure, Vin Scully’s a better broadcaster past his prime than you are a second baseman past yours.

  • max_power

    Wasn’t Jim Bowden up for the GM Job and then pulled his name from consideration paving the way for Ned “6th Choice for GM” Colletti to come in and screw this team up?

  • Tony Jackson

    No, Jimbo was never up for the job this time. He was up for it when Malone was hired. That was when he withdrew his name, but I’m told he didn’t really have a serious shot at the job anyway. He was never seriously considered either in 2004, when DePodesta was hired, or in 2005, when Ned was hired. My understanding is that the McCourts are fully aware of this guy’s reputation and thus would never consider him for GM

  • max_power

    Well thanks for clarifying that Tony. It makes the Ned hiring a little easier to swallow. You know its bad when Kevin Towers says this about you “The guy’s an idiot. I won’t take his calls, and I don’t think many others do.”

  • The 5th Outfielder


    Aww shakey ‘az’…the ethier Dodgers lose yet A-G-A-I-N – ‘e’s now: 5-12

    Meanwhile, the Pierre Dodgers are 14-4!

    Do you believe now? Better start believing.

    (PS) ethier will be playing for the Nippon Ham Fighters in 2009…good luck to the journey ‘e’.

    Juan Pi-erre!

  • phillydodger

    last year the Dodgers folded like chairs in the stretch run. back then it was the sniping vets vs those pesky youth and a clubhouse that Grady couldn’t control or lead.

    this year? hall of famers kent, manny and maddux as well as torre. former manager of the year in bowa. respected hitting coach in mattingly. same result.

    this team has no heart. no idea. no chance!

  • rjthrelkeld

    Tony, that’s ridiculously hyperbolic. If the Dodgers had all the Nationals’ problems, they would be dead last too and at 3-4X the payroll. Bowden’s made some terrible moves and is a horse’s ass but losing almost every sig player for an extended period of time would kill any team. He’s not a good GM but to his credit, he didn’t signed Andruw Jones for a millopn per RBI and Juan Pierre to sit on the bench. Now _that’s_ the sign of an idiot!

  • TeamHasHoles

    The problem with the Dodgers goes deeper than Ned (although he’s a big factor these days) and they started a long time ago (even before Fox bought the team). The current problems with this team a result of poor management and direction for many many years and can be traced back to poor decisions made in the early 90’s made around one man… ..and I think if you all use your heads you’ll all know who I’m talking about.

  • AZShaker

    That was 5th Outfielder ladies and gentlemen…He’ll be on the lounge all week…Enjoy the steamed clams!!!

    You can’t spell JoUrneymAN without JUAN pierre!!!

    April 18th 2009… (translated from Japanese)…

    At bat 8th…for the Nippon Ham Fighters…a true American JoUrneymAN…a fast base stealer who has no power and lost his job with the LA Dodgers to two much better players…JUANNY BENCHED!!!

  • max_power

    THS, Ned is an idiot but Bowden is in his own league of stupidity. I’d take Ned over Bowden anyday. At least Ned isn’t stealing money from his own prospects!

    I’m not that mad about the loss tonight. It just one more loss closer to Ned being canned. Yeah we could start playing better and make the playoffs but what good will that do? We aren’t going to do anything in the playoffs and all making them will just extend Ned’s horrendous tenure. I’d rather have this team tank the rest of the season and hope Frank is smart enough to fire Ned.

    Ned doesn’t deserve all the blame for this crappy season. Joe Torre is an even bigger problem but Frank isn’t going to let his dream manager go. Ned may have signed all of these old Vets that have caused so much harm to this team but Joe insisted on playing them even when it was obvious we had better options. How many games did Slappy and Jones cost us this season? How many times did Joe send Mark Sweeney up there with runners in scoring position and 2 outs and he blew it? To answer my own question it was 19 times and he’s 0-14 with 4 walks. I think Joe has cost us more games this season then anything else.

  • Dave R.

    “Curse of the Bambino” – No longer

    “Curse of the Piazza” – Still very much in effect

  • phillydodger

    yes max_power I agree…Sweeney has done NOTHING. Can you remember any key hit all year? Olmaedo had key doubles and HRs and timely line drives. Even Marlon Anderson in his brief stint. But Sweeney is getting paid probably more for his meager production than A. Jones.