Kershaw optioned … for now

In case you missed it, Clayton Kershaw was the roster move for Scott Elbert, but that’s only a roster technicality. Because the roster expansion begins on Monday — but mostly Tuesday, because Las Vegas has another game on Monday — the Dodgers can option Kershaw now and still bring him back in time to make his next scheduled start on Tuesday night against San Diego. The 10-day rule — all players optioned to the minors must stay a minimum of 10 days unless a major-league player is placed on the DL, and that exception is limited to a pitcher replacing a pitcher or a position player replacing a position player — isn’t in effect because the PCL season ends Monday and Las Vegas isn’t going to the playoffs.

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  • max_power

    He did it again tonight! He put Sweeney up there with RISP and two outs and Sweeney K’d. This is why we are struggling to get above .500! Joe’s stupidity has cost us many games this season. He seriously had to have been the only person in the universe who thought Sweeney was gonna get a hit…well Ned’s dumbass probably did too. That makes Sweeney 0-15 in 20 ABs with runners in scoring position and two outs. Joe’s blind faith in these Vets have cost us this season! With our roster we should be 10-15 games over .500 but Joe has tried his best to keep this team from winning.

  • I hate Sweeney too, but I honestly can’t say anything Joe did has made this team bad. I mean yeah, he cost the teams a handful of wins with his boneheaded game management and lineup choices, but the fact is, this is about a .500 team, and no manager is going to make a .500 team into World Series contenders. Only reason the Dodgers are even close in the first place is because the West is hilariously bad.

    Then again, if the Dodgers sweep the D-Backs, it’s close to square one again, and the Rockies will probably only be 3-4 back too. It’s a competition to see who can be…least worse.

  • Dave R.

    “A handful of games” is the difference between first and second place right now.

  • max_power

    “…and no manager is going to make a .500 team into World Series contenders.”

    Jim Leyland did it with the Tigers…I’m not saying this team is the Tigers of a couple of years ago but Joe Torre hasn’t done anything to help this team win. He just sits there! He looks bored to be honest with you. It’s August 29th and he still hasn’t figured out Sweeney is useless! If that doesn’t prove he’s not paying attention or doesn’t care I don’t know what does. Joe needs to go.