Schmidt, Proctor updates

Jason Schmidt started and threw a scoreless, hitless inning for Las Vegas tonight against Colorado Springs, walking one batter. He’ll pitch again on Monday, and I suppose it’s possible he’ll be activated as a reliever after that, but when I asked Torre before the game, he was non-committal. Scott Proctor followed him and pitched two innings, allowing one hit while striking out four. Proctor is expected to be activated on Monday, the day you can expand rosters. Andruw Jones also is going to be activated that day, and possibly Delwyn Young. … By the way, when perusing the box score for the pitching lines of Schmidt and Proctor, I couldn’t help but notice that Greg Miller had another rough outing. He walked three, gave up three earned runs and allowed only one hit in ZERO innings. A tough stretch for a really good guy. Hope he can find a way to right himself, but this has been going on for a long, long time.

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  • max_power

    Why are Jones and Proctor coming back? Shouldn’t we bring up people who can actually be useful? Again, this is why this team sucks! There are way too many useless guys on the roster. Nomar, Berroa, Jason Johnson, Juan Pierre, Mark Sweeney, Jones, Sch(m)idt and Proctor all useless! Casey Blake is starting to get that tag too. I can’t believe we traded Meloan and Santana for this guy. If you look at his career numbers this year could be considered a fluke. This season keeps getting more and more frustrating.

  • phillydodger

    Right now this team is so out of whack it hurts to watch.

    It has a slow and aging 3b, SS and 2b who continue to fail with the bat and now, more prominently with the glove.

    Maddux, who everyone calls the smartest pitcher ever, hasn’t fooled the hitters and certainly has not helped our pitchers.

    Our 20 yr old phenom, is pitching like a 20 yr old prospect.

    But this isn’t new as Tony pointed out. Even the magical season of 2004 was a death walk to the playoffs with Steve Finley’s memorable grand slam supplying the last bit of hope.

    This team just seems to dry up and blow away in the second half, and esp the last two months. True there have been significant injuries – but more importantly significant failure to hit and field and run the bases and basically PLAY BALL!

    Is it Joe’s fault or Ned’s? Who knows. Who cares. This is just bad, bad baseball, again to watch as you watch young teams like the Rays go 30+ over .500, or the Cubs go 52 -19 at home. What really hurts is the D-backs have been trying to give this thing away since June, and the Dodgers refuse to take it.

    Are we really looking at the Dodgers sinking into third place by next week?