Tonight’s lineup: Martin leads off

First time this year or last year. Not sure about 2006, but I can’t remember any such occasions off the top of my head. Torre clearly desperate to jump start this offense.

C Martin
RF Ethier
LF Ramirez
2B Kent
CF Kemp
1B Loney
SS Garciaparra
3B Blake
RH Kuroda

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  • Dave R.

    Kudos to Joe for sticking to his guns and keeping Pierre on the bench. I like this lineup despite the recent slide, though not sure about Kent as the cleanup guy.

  • TeamHasHoles

    GREAT CHOICE. his OBP and base running make him a good choice. He can take pitches… I think this should have been done weeks ago. I never like Kemp in the leadoff slot.

    And no Tony, Russell has batted #2, but never leadoff.

  • max_power

    Yeah TeamHasHoles Matt Kemp really was a bad choice to leadoff! His horrible line of .289/.346/.491 blows my mind that Torre even left him in there for more then 1 game! Not to mention him scoring 27 runs in 39 games as our leadoff hitter! compare that to Slappy scoring only 28 times in 69 games leading off. Poor Matt, he just doesn’t know how to lead off!

    Although after I say this I think Matt is better utilized in the 3 spot in front of Manny. Jeff Kent went from hitting in the .250s to hitting in the .280s! If that happened with Kent imagine what Bison would do!

    As for tonight’s lineup change, I like it. Lately our problem hasn’t been getting guys on base its been getting them in so Kemp going some place where he can have a chance to drive in some runs is a good thing. Thankfully Slappy isn’t leading off or even in the lineup tonight so Matt might have a chance to do that.

    Nomar needs to show up this series. He’s looking more and more finished everyday though. I wonder how long of a leash they have with him. I know Hu stunk up the place when he was up but that obviously wasn’t the real Chin-Lung Hu. He’s had eye problems before and he had them again this year but once he came off the DL in Vegas he tore it up! He plays a billion times better defense then Nomar and he won’t break into little pieces if something touches him.

    Nice interview on ESPNEWS today Tony.

  • Tony Jackson

    thanks max

  • TeamHasHoles

    max, relax, I’m not Anti-Kemp and I’m anything but pro-Pierre… And I think Kemp did a very decent job. But even Kemp publicly was questioning his ability to leadoff, and as a manager, you don’t make a living off of asking guys to do something they have little or no experience doing.

    Kemp’s a run producer. He needs to bat anywhere from 3rd to 6th in this lineup. I’ve always thought Martin was the guy best suited to handle leadoff. He’s the most patient guy the Dodgers have at the plate IMO, he’ll take a walk and he can run the bases.

  • max_power

    Good to know Team!

    Next time I see Mark Sweeney step up to the plate Im going to throw my computer through my TV. Why is this guy still on the team? I know hes a vet and is good in the clubhouse blah blah blah but seriously WHY is he still on the team?

    Also, was Elbert on a pitch count tonight? Why did he get such a quick hook after he made the first two batters look foolish? Then Joe lets Chan Ho pitch us out of the game! I guess thats just Joe being Joe.

  • The 5th Outfielder


    Oh shakey ‘az’ – 14th verse (loss) same as the first (13)…the legacy of the journey ‘e’ continues! Now, 5-14 = 16.

    5 games below .500, 8 straight losses, one constant: Pierre has not been playing – but someone ‘e’lse has.

    Yes, the end is near – season’s, ‘not’ the losing.

    Tomorrow: 5-15 = 16!

    heh heh heh

    ; )

  • AZShaker

    That was 5th Outfielder ladies and gentlemen…He’ll be on the lounge all week…Enjoy the crab wontons!!!

    You can’t spell JoUrneymAN without JUAN pierre!!!

    JoUrneymAN pierre gets released by the Nippon Ham Fighters…you heard it here 1st!!!

  • muzicman

    whatever joe tries isn’t gonna be right with this team. he has completed the circle and they have no one to give manny support so he can drive in runs….so much for getting a hitter…..that’s all we have is a hitter..a good one but he can’t show it here..the rally is killed before he can get into a groove..this team has had 2 years to get it together and it’s not happening. Need to put together a new team….got a new manager, new hitting coach but the big leagues require players with ability, team work, follow orders and not remind every day the fundamentals they should already know. coaches cannot correct problems if players are not trainable.