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Joe Torre said before the game that although Jason Schmidt is going to make another rehab appearance in the Las Vegas season finale on Monday, he isn’t going to pitch for the Dodgers this year. He will rejoin the club after Monday and maybe do some simulated games, or he may pitch some games in the Arizona Instructional League this fall. His velocity was mostly in the high 80s last night against Colorado Springs, when he pitched one inning. … Andruw Jones is back in Los Angeles seeing Dr. ElAttrache because his leg is still bothering him, but he is expected to rejoin the Dodgers and be activated in time for the homestand opener on Monday against the Pods. … The list of players the Dodgers plan to activate or call up from the minors on Monday just keeps getting longer. It now includes Jones, Scott Proctor, Chin-lung Hu, A.J. Ellis, Delwyn Young, James McDonald, Eric Stults and Clayton Kershaw. There could be others. … I talked with DeJon Watson before the game about Greg Miller, and he says the organization is still firmly committed to him. “Yes, we are still committed to Greg Miller,” he said. “We will exhause all our energy to get him back on track and to where he needs to be, with a repeatable delivery that he can sustain.”

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  • Luke McCain

    Tony, do the Dodgers collect on an insurance policy if Schmidt does not pitch at all this year? Seems like that could be a factor in the decision.

  • max_power

    Tony, why is Andruw Jones coming up? Especially if his knee is still bothering him. Did Joe and Ned forget how horrible he’s been this year? I know he’s hitting over .300 in triple A but even Luis Maza is hitting .371.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Good to hear Watson’s comments concerning Miller. Hope he actually means it. Maybe Miller will never find himself, but if he does (and it wouldn’t be a first for a pitcher with severe control problems) he could be a special pitcher. Simply too much potential to give up on, especially since he appears to be healthy, and difficult to hit when he does throw strikes. Hopefully, patience will pay off.

  • muzicman

    with the medical center stand bys, why do we sit with the hope they’ll be mended by tomorrow? we need to move on and pursue players that are not walking wounded…schmidt, jones, proctor, bennett, saito, penny are supposed to be starting players…not replacable. but we have found out this year that they have locked us out from growing and putting the best workable team on the field… of these players go down and we can’t afford to get someone else to (temp) replace them because that money is spent on them and it is not profitable having 2 players holding down the same position…looks like we need to rethink our operations