Dodgers 8, Diamondbacks 1

You’re not supposed to be happy at the end of a 2-8 road trip. But then, you’re not supposed to beat Dan Haren and Brandon Webb, on their own turf no less, on back-to-back nights. Because the Dodgers did the latter, they are entitled to do the former. They are right back in this thing, folks, and if they have a good showing against the Snakes at home this coming weekend, it’ll be time to buckle your seatbelts — and maybe even to head down to BevMo to see how much champagne costs. Dodgers go to 67-70 and now trail the Snakes by 2 1/2. But the one thing the boys simply can’t afford is to get tripped up by the Pods. Three-game series starts tomorrow night (5:10 p.m.) at Chavez Ravine. See you there.

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  • max_power

    2-0 in the post Kent clubhouse cancer era! Keep it up boys!…I am going to the game on the 5th against the Dbacks. I am certainly more excited about going then I was 2 days ago. Tony, do you know whereabouts Ned sits? I’m going to be sitting behind home plate in the loge section and im going to try and sneak in a sign that says “Fire Ned” I want to make sure he gets a good look at it…Frank too but I know where he sits. He’ll be hearing my chants of “Fire Ned” and “Fire Joe” all night assuming he’s even there. I tend to believe he runs around the parking lot during the game stealing change from peoples cars.

  • Jamey McCurt

    I’m tired of you people ragging on my employees! I hope Ned sees you, sees your sign and wallops you and then, and only then, will he get a raise like Malone got! Bring it on baby!

    5th OF, where are you? nursing your wounds? Dr. ‘dre made you boy eat humblePIE!

  • The 5th Outfielder

    Oh shakey ‘az’ & friends (no not him, the other one)

    Juan Pierre Dodgers: 14-4

    : )

    journey ‘e’ Dodgers: 7-14

    ;’ (

    And, when the Dodgers miss the post season – and they will – it will be on ethier – the journey ‘e’- and on Torre, the ‘dumm-y’, and I shall rejoice!

    : ) : )

    ^ Juan & me, aft this another post-season-less year arrives. Remember, only 25 more games left until we can concentrate on the Lakers ‘choking’ again 2009.

    heh heh heh

  • AZShaker

    That was 5th Outfielder ladies and gentlemen…He’ll be on the lounge all week…Enjoy the veal!!!

    You can’t spell JoUrneymAN without JUAN pierre!!!

    JoUrneymAN pierre gets released by the Nippon Ham Fighters…you heard it here 1st!!!

    J.U.A.N. playing 5th Outfielder for the Nippon Ham Fighters in 2009!!!