Interesting comment from Derek Lowe about Lou Piniella

I want to be careful about reading too much into this. I certainly don’t think D-Lowe was trying to rip his old skipper. But it does suggest that Derek’s brief stint as a rookie with the Seattle Mariners in 1997 weren’t the happiest days of his career.

“My name was `son’ in Seattle. That’s all he ever called me. You know, I have heard him speak over the years. I think he has changed a little bit. He was extremely tough, I think, on young guys. I was no different. He demanded a lot, and at that part of my career, I couldn’t really give what he was demanding.
“I think he is great for veterans. He kind of lets you do your thing. But he is a tremendous manager. You look at what he has done here in the two years, I believe, that he has been here, and … I think he knows how to push people’s buttons. He knows how to get the best out of everybody.
“I wasn’t there long enough in Seattle for him to get the best out of me, and ultimately, he traded me. But he is a great manager.”

Sounds like there could be changes

Both Ned and Joe indicated that they are still working through some things with the roster, and Joe specifically mentioned pitching. It’s probably that last spot that initially went to Troncoso. My guess is they might be reconsidering that and thinking of giving it to Proctor or McDonald. The starting lineup for Game 1 is set. It’s as follows:

SS Furcal
C Martin
LF Ramirez
RF Ethier
1B Loney
RF Kemp
2B DeWitt
3B Blake
RH Lowe

Joe said the DeWitt-hitting-in-front-of-Blake has more to do with staggering lefty-righty-lefty-righty all the way down from five through eight.

Roster finalized

First, here it is. Then, some comments below. Keep in mind, this IS subject to change until tomorrow morning.


Danny Ardoin
Russell Martin

Angel Berroa
Casey Blake
Blake DeWitt
Rafael Furcal
Nomar Garciaparra
Jeff Kent
James Loney
Pablo Ozuna

Andre Ethier
Matt Kemp
Juan Pierre
Manny Ramirez

Scott Proctor lost out to Ramon Troncoso because Joe Torre needed a guy who would warm up, not come in, warm up again and then come in if necessary. Proctor, because of health issues he has had this year, isn’t able to do that right now. … Furcal is the starter at SS for now, unless he has more problems with his back or leg, and Berroa is the backup. But DeWitt will continue to start at 2B with Kent on the bench. … Juan Pierre is the only LH bat off the bench with Sweeney not making the roster, but Joe reiterated that Nomar and Kent are good enough hitters against right-handers that it shouldn’t matter. … All of this is subject to change for the second round if the Dodgers get there.