Early deadlines?

On my way out of the baggage claim when I arrived home yesterday, I picked up a copy of the inaugural edition of LAX Magazine, dated Summer 2008. On the cover was a smiling, black-and-white photo of Joe Torre. So this morning, I finally got around to opening it up to read the story, which actually included the following quote from Joe:

“We have a very good division here because of all the teams that have won or are close to winning.”

So I’m wondering, when did this thing actually go to press? That interview HAD to have taken place in April (and judging by the accompanying photo, which shows Torre and a cuople of his coaches bundled up in jackets during a pregame national anthem, it was back when the weather was still chilly). But it got me to thinking that last winter, I actually thought the same thing. I thought the NL West was going to be the best division in baseball, with four teams capable of reaching the World Series. So I’m interested in hearing from you: how many of you thought the same thing?

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  • TeamHasHoles

    This season conventional wisdom met with key injuries in the West.

    I think this season proved the most important players in the West not named Todd Helton may have been Eric Byrnes and Rafael Furcal.

    We also may be finding out that Jeff Kent was a key player as well, for the wrong reasons.

  • Jayrew

    I had Arizona running away with the division and the Dodgers and Rockies fighting out the Wild Card with the Phils and….Marlins. they were my ballzey choice. Shows you how smart I am.

  • Vasquez


    I remember exactly when that interview was taken. I remember because you and Doug Padilla were gracious enough to take me out to it. It was May 7, against the Mets. If you remember correctly it was an 11-1 loss. I remember as we walked up the dugout steps they were taking pictures of Torre and the LAX magazine writer was there.

  • AZShaker


    Eric Byrnes is the dbags answer to juan pierre, and overpaid hack. Except our hack has speed.

    Byrnes is actually worse IMO. His fat face is always on Fox.

  • Mario DiLeo

    2008 was a case that saw three teams (DBax, Rox, Dogs) try to incorporate homegrown players with acquired veterans and had mixed results. Colorado couldn’t maintain the momentum of a 20-something winning streak that propelled them into a N.L. Pennant…Arizona was as good in April as the Rockies were last September. L.A.? The last week of August was a nightmare and the collapse of Sept. ’07 was only trumped by the Mets’ El Foldo. The Padres still don’t know how to play in their relatively new yard. So the “parity” of the NL West is the by-product of various players’ sophomore jinxes combined with a rash of injuries and generally weak bullpens.