Tonight’s lineup, and some updates

We got an official explanation for flipping Kershaw and Maddux in the rotation, although the key word here is “official.” Joe said Clayton pitched so well on Tuesday night against the Pods (seven-plus innings, three runs on three hits) that he is being kept on an every-fifth-day schedule and that the Diamondbacks’ additon of Adam Dunn and the recent hot-hitting of Stephen Drew mean it might behoove the Dodgers the use their only LH starter in this series. The unofficial reason? Not sure, but it could have something to do with Kershaw being a better pitcher right now. … Saito’s simulated game will be either postgame tomorrow or pregame Sunday, and the second one will be Tuesday. … Furcal is here and rehabbing, but not close to returning. … Jeff Kent is going on the trip with the team. Not sure why. He can’t play before Sept. 14, and even if he does come back, it isn’t likely to be before the start of the next homestand on Sept. 19. I guess they’re taking him along for what he brings to the clubhouse. … Blake hitting cleanup tonight. … There you go Jayrew.

C Martin
RF Ethier
LF Ramirez
3B Blake
1B Loney
CF Kemp
2B DeWitt
SS Berroa
RH Lowe

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  • Dave R.

    yeah Kent – the great clubhouse guy.