Today’s lineup … isn’t done yet

They’re waiting to see whether Casey Blake can throw across the diamond. You will recall he was hit by a pitch on the right biceps last night. He is batting fifth. If he can’t go Nomar will play 3B and bat fifth.

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  • max_power

    Why does Nomar get to hit 5th in front of Kemp? He has sucked this year but he gets to be put in the middle of the lineup because his name is freaking Nomar Garciaparra! Nomar shouldn’t even be an option at this point. All he does is pop up! If anything bat him 8th. This is what pisses me off about Joe. He pampers the old farts who have done nothing to help this team. Thank God Kent’s not playing. Having a 4-5 of Kent and Nomar would be a giant rally killer.

  • max_power

    Nomar is batting .234/.283/.397 this yera in almost 130 at bats. If he was a 23 year old nobody he’d be gone but since he’s Nomar and was good 5 years ago he gets to suck and bat 5th whenever he wants. That’s pathetic. Joe’s preference (well i shouldn’t call it a preference, it’s more of an ignorance) in veterans have hurt this team immensely. Juan Pierre started 63 games over Andre Ethier this season. 63! That’s not even bringing up Andruw Jones or him batting Kent cleanup while he was on his way to becoming the worst cleanup hitter in MLB history.

  • max_power

    Hate to post 3 times in a row but this is just maddening. Calling it an ignorance might be giving Joe a little more credit then he deserves. Nomar has sucked all season and he still has him batting 5th. That’s not ignorance, that’s stupidity.

  • Harpo JB

    Calling it “ignorance” is giving way too much credit to some fool who is too obtuse to realize that Garciaparra isn’t even in the lineup today!

  • Dave R.

    Nice Harpo. heh

    Still, if James Loney needs a day off, look for Mark Sweeney in the cleanup spot. After all, that’s where Loney is hitting and Joe isn’t smart enough to realize that Sweeney shouldn’t even be on the roster.

  • lawdog

    I’ve come to expect this kind of felony stupid decision making from our beloved skipper. After all, this is the same manager who kept batting Andruw Jones 6th ahead of two players who could actually hit the ball right up until he went on the DL this last time. The same manager who didn’t hit for Kid Kershaw in the bottom of the 7th the other day when he obviously was tiring in the top of the 7th and wouldn’t make it through the 8th on a wing and a prayer?

    I’m not ready to say this man is dumber than a bag of hammers, but he’s close! He must be the most over rated manager in the history of the game.

  • lawdog

    Torre might not be much of a daisy as a manager, but we still seem to win the big ones when we have to win! Huge victory this afternoon! We’re now in first and don’t have to look back if we just keep winning!