Jason Schmidt to have more surgery

Don’t have a lot of details, but it sounds like a minor cleanup. Should get all the info when we meet with Torre around 5:15. Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Martin, C
Ethier, RF
Ramirez, LF
Loney, 1B
Kemp, CF
Blake, 3B
DeWitt, 2B
Berroa, SS
Maddux, P

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  • max_power

    47 million dollars for 1 win! A little over 1.9 million per inning pitched. Even if we do make the playoffs and have success Ned needs to be canned. He has limited the team so much which his horrible free agent signings. The only good thing he did was trade for Ethier but Joe had to be convinced to start him for most of the season of another one of Ned’s gems.

  • Liposuction? Breast augmentation?

  • AZShaker

    LifeLift…as advertised on TV.

    He’ll look ten years younger!!!

    But..he’ll still have trouble breaking 80.

    I wouldn’t be so pissed, if it wasn’t so obvious he was damaged goods. Nice work Ned.

  • Is there really such a thing as “minor” shoulder surgery? 😮