Schmidt’s surgery is minor, Kent’s trip is canceled

Jason Schmidt will have arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder on Wednesday to clean up scar tissue that was preventing him from getting over the top enough in his delivery and also to repair “arthritic changes in the AC joint.” He will begin rehabbing several days after the surgery and resume throwing within six weeks. More importantly, he is expected to be ready by the start of spring training, which already puts him ahead of where he was at this point a year ago. … Jeff Kent is NOT traveling with the team, and no, it isn’t because no one wants him around. It’s because Dr. Neal ElAttrache didn’t want him traveling so soon after the knee surgery. He is back in Los Angeles. Torre said there is a chance he could join the club at some point on the trip.

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  • max_power

    Dr. Neal ElAttrache HOORAY!

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    To the best of my knowledge James McDonald is with the team. If so, I’m wondering why he hasn’t been used. In the series with Arizona the Dodgers has a couple of large leads (as much as 7 runs), and never ran him out there to get his feet wet, and to also take some pressure off the bullpen.

    Tonight in San Diego was also another opportunity. Maddux wasn’t effective, San Diego was up 3-0 in the top of the 5th, the Dodgers had runners on second and third with two out, and Torre allowed Maddux to hit rather than sending up a pinch hitter. The scoring opportunity was wasted, and Maddux proceeded to give up another run in the bottom of the 5th. Given Maddux’s ineffetiveness, and the need to preserve the bullpen, I thought that was a perfect opportunity to get McDonald into a game. The way Maddux was pitching, I don’t think using McDonald would have added any risk.

    Is McDonald with the Dodgers? If so, why hasn’t he appeared? Seems the opportunities have been there.