Much ado about nothing, but not to the guys it happened to

Three Dodgers players — catcher Russell Martin, reliever Joe Beimel and outfielder Delwyn Young — were briefly detained by Pittsburgh Police officers around midnight following Tuesday night’s win over the Pirates, along with Pirates outfielder Nyjer Morgan. The four left a restaurant-bar across the street from the ballpark with the intention of Morgan giving the Dodgers trio a ride back to the team hotel. No sooner had Morgan driven his SUV out of an adjacent parking lot when he was pulled over, the probable cause being that his window tinting allegedly was too dark to conform with code. All four players were ordered out of the vehicle and told to set on a curb while the officers searched the vehicle, which also had temporary license plates because Morgan had recently purchased it. After several minutes, and after Morgan showed police the required paperwork to go with his temporary plates, the matter was cleared up and the four were allowed to leave. All four players said today that the matter was no big deal. Morgan, who is black, and Martin, who is biracial, both hinted at possible racial profiling. But when asked directly if they believed such profiling had taken place, both players said no. Morgan and Young have known each other since they met in Major League Baseball’s offseason Rookie Development Program in Washington a few years ago. Martin was with Morgan and Young. Beimel was in the restaurant having dinner with his parents but had caught a ride back to the hotel with the other three.

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  • Luke McCain

    Sounds more like age and sex profiling. How many guys in their early twenties are driving around with three other young guys at midnight in a luxury SUV with paper plates?
    I doubt whether they would have stopped a car with two couples in their forties.

  • snuffy02

    It figures a guy named McCain would call the incident age/sex profiling and not recognize the police racial profile all the time. This thing would have never happened if all the people were white in the vehicle.

  • Mario DiLeo

    Wait a minute…if the vehicle was stopped for having windows tinted too darkly, how could the cops know WHO was in there? At midnight? I mean, cops profile ALL THE TIME but unless there’s a full-blown investigation a la Inglewood, we have to take this at face value, no pun intended…