Dodgers 10, Giants 7

Glad I wasn’t covering tonight. This was four hours and three minutes of non-stop fun. But if you looked closely enough, hidden somewhere behind the 15 walks (including four with the bases loaded, two by each team) and the 22 runners left on base, there were two HRs and five RBI by Manny Ramirez and a two-run HR by Matt Kemp. Ugly as it was, it’s a W for the boys, and a big one at that. First of all, it clinches at least a .500 season, and in this division this year, that’s no small accomplishment. Second of all, it keeps their lead over the Snakes at 3 1/2 (Arizona won at Colorado) and shaves the magic number to five. Meanwhile, the Phillies leapfrogged the Mets into first place in the N.L. East. Unless something changes dramatically, whoever wins that division will play the Dodgers in the first round.

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  • Buddy

    I know this is looking ahead too far, but it almost is certain that the Dodgers will be playing on the road to start the playoffs. This means they’ll have to at least get a split in the first two games to get a shot. Hence, pitching will be the key. The Dodgers will probably have to go with their two hottest pitchers right now to open up, Lowe and Billingsley. If Torre will be able to handle the rotation well going in last week, he’ll have to make sure both of those guys are rested and focused.