Giants 1, Dodgers 0

This thing is a long, long way from being over. The Snakes have won six of seven, including today, when they pounded the Rockies. The Dodgers have lost three of five. The Snakes went 19 consecutive days without gaining ground in the standings. Now, they have gained two games on the Dodgers in the past five days. This is going to be a race, after all, and if the Dodgers end up blowing it, they’ll remember today’s first inning, when they loaded the bases with nobody out and couldn’t score, for a long time. Dodgers didn’t have a baseruner over the final five innings of this 11-inning game. Dodgers fall to 81-75, their lead over the Snakes slips to 2 1/2 games, and their magic number stays at five. Dodgers off tomorrow, Snakes begin a four-game set at St. Louis. That will even out the number of games played between the two clubs and eliminate that annoying fraction at the end of the margin.

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  • False Hope Rally

    Tony, are we gonna lose? Say it ain’t so.

  • muzicman

    and looney is still in the swandive……looking more and more like jones….another o-fer day..0-5 and yesterday o-4 and 7 runners left on base today…..he is in a position that needs a hitter and his inability to hit shows he don’t belong in the majors..he has batted thru the line-up and still doesn’t produce to win their other top choice batting .160 (laroach)….summer wish list…….ist baseman, s/s, and hopefully dewitt will improve at 2nd….starting pitchers and middle relief and a closer and the outfield is set…….if we sign manny. Have a lot of holes to fill and a lot of money tied up..too..more on d/l than on starting players

  • max_power

    Loney got robbed 3 times today. You can’t blame him for the Giants defense stepping up and making some good plays. All he’s done is hit close to .300 all year and lead the team in RBIs. Loney is the least of our problems. Casey Blake is starting to play like Casey Blake again. Glad we traded Carlos Santana for 3 months of the bearded one!

    I don’t know if bringing in Saito was a good idea. He’s coming back from and injury that almost always requires Tommy John Surgery and since coming off the DL he hasn’t pitched back to back days. You really don’t know what he’s going to do. I don’t think a tied game is the right spot to experiment with Satio.

    And of course Mark Sweeney is somehow still on the team and somehow still getting at bats.

    The Dodgers need a new GM, Manager and Owner.

  • cheba63

    Yeah, Loney’s numbers showed he had a bad day, but his at bats are what you’d want out of him, as he did his job at the plate only to get robbed on multiple occasions. Blake, however, is another story.

  • KevinS

    Why Casey Blake continues to bat at or near the middle of the order is absurd. He’s in a swan-dive right now. Move up Kemp and DeWitt and put Blake in front of Berroa. Matter of fact, I’d switch up Kemp and Martin again just to mix it up one more time. Martin’s not a leadoff guy and Kemp has had some of his best at bats of the year in that spot.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I don’t have a problem with Martin leading off, except that he’s not acting like a lead-off hitter, given that he’s gotten into a bad habit of overswinging, rather than just trying to make contact. Maybe it’s the result of having played in 150 games, and the fatigue has adversely affected his approach at the plate.

    Blake certainly isn’t hitting, but then again, neither is DeWitt, who seems to have lost some of his patience at the plate (e.g., swinging at a number of high fastballs).

    I also questioned experimenting with Saito in a close game, especially since Proctor hadn’t pitched the day before.

    It’s not time to panic, but I am concerned, since the Dodgers are scheduled to face Peavey on Tuesday, and Lincecum on Sunday. Those are not guys the Dodgers want to face under any circumstances, and certainly not following a hitting performance like today’s.

  • Everybody except Ethier and Manny have been in a tailspin for a while now. Kemp is sorta showing signs of coming out of it, but Ethier has cooled off back to normal. Berroa has also slowly been tailing off after being very valuable for a month or so.

    It’s not really abnormal though, this team is just not a great hitting team, days like this are always going to be plentiful until the young guys mature into their prime or the Dodgers acquire another marquee bat.

    Pitching will lead the way if the Dodgers can do anything, just like it always has been.

  • phillydodger

    I too question the use of Saito. I imagine Joe is trying to find out just how far back Sammy is, and apparently after the last two outings, he is not back to closer.

    Loney hit into bad luck all day. Manny walks three times and fans twice – not a very productive day either. Problem is there is no Ortiz hitting before or after Manny. Who else in that lineup scares you right now?

    Let’s hope LaRussa plays the D-backs and cools them off on the road.

  • Mario DiLeo

    Happy Birthday to Tommy Lasorda who turns 81 today. Maybe he should celebrate with his buddy Tony LaRussa in St. Louis as they beat Arizona (hopefully) and get that tragic number to four. Dogs need to get it down to at least two by the end of the homestand…don’t feel good about ending the regular season in PacBell, SBC or whatever phone company has the naming rights in Frisco…

  • snuffy02

    Those 3 games in Frisco loom gloom for the Dodgers to clinch especially having to face Lincecum on Sunday. Also needing to beat Peavy will be as difficult. Dodgers letting Hennessey steal 2nd yesterday will be the big mistake toward winning this thing as infield grounder on the next play would have ended the inning with a force at 2nd if Hennessey isn’t allowed to steal instead of Brooklyn’s own Rich Aurelia getting the winning base knock. Lowe’s effort was wasted, as it has been so many times in his Dodger tenure; he’ll be in a Tiger uniform next year.

    Just now St. Louis 3rd base coach Oquendo stops Izturis from scoring on a hit which would have tied the DBacks. This allowed Pujols to strike out for the 4th time against Webb. Cards are of no help as the Slugs are red hot now. Dodgers have to suck it up & just win baby…