Today’s math lesson

Yes, the momentum has dramatically shifted in the N.L. West. Yes, the Diamondbacks have won seven of their past eight games. Yes, they have gained 2 1/2 games on the Dodgers in the past six days. But no, the Dodgers are not on the verge of blowing this. That isn’t to say they couldn’t still blow it. They definitely could. But the sky isn’t falling just yet. The fact is, the Dodgers still have a two-game lead with six to go, which means they remain firmly in command of this race. If the Dodgers simply play .500 baseball the rest of the way, which means going 3-3, the Diamondbacks will have to go 6-0 to win the division by Sunday or 5-1 and then win a one-game playoff on Monday at Dodger Stadium (where the Snakes have lost six of nine this year). The Dodgers do have to face Jake Peavy and Tim Lincecum. But it’s still going to take one of the biggest collapses of all-time for this to get away.

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  • phillydodger

    I am pleasantly shocked and surprised by your positively rosy view of the D’s situation. Personally, I am ready to bend over and heave at the thought of Peavy and Licecum facing this suddenly pop gun offense, esp after they have lost two (2) 1-0 games in the last week or so!?!

    Let’s hope LaRusa can suddenly wake up his very sluggish Cards to at least split their four game series.

    Win or lose this week, it will certainly be a taste of pennant race baseball for our younger D’s and a last chance for the graybeards to put up or shut up!

  • karmabad

    This is going to be so close. Peavy and the Giants only exciting player (Lincecum) may rain on our parade. I almost don’t want to watch those games. The DBacks won’t let up! Lets get those bats back and smash the crap out of the Pads and Gnats! Show these teams why you deserve to be in 1st place!

  • snuffy02

    just win baby…

  • Dave R.

    The Dodgers also have to face Chris Young and Matt Cain. Cain has a 2.84 ERA against the blue this year and Young we’ve knocked around this year, but he’s a different pitcher lately and he’s had success against LA in the past. Gonna be tough.

    Arizona meanwhile faces the Cardinals’ top two in Lohse and Wainwright but then get the Rockies mediocre starters. Sunday’s projected matchup (Bills v. Lincecum) could decide the pennant. Wow.