Tonight’s lineup: Martin bumped out of the leadoff spot

Russ is 1 for 11, but with a bunch of walks mixed in there. Matt Kemp is 1 for 9 over his past two games, but the one hit was a home run. Not sure what Joe’s thinking is here, but I’m sure one of us will ask him. Loney is 0 for 3 against Wade LeBlanc, small sample size, so he’s probably just sitting because LeBlanc is a lefty. Ethier drops to cleanup, so we’ll see if Ramirez helps Martin as much as he helped Ethier.

Kemp. CF
Martin. C
Ramirez. LF
Ethier. RF
Garciaparra 1B
Blake. 3B
DeWitt. 2B
Berroa. SS
Billingsley. P

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  • DodgerNRG

    He didnt help Martin before.. Martin thought everything was going to be right down the middle when he was hitting in front of Manny before. They should have Manny hitting Cleanup because Ethier is getting on base a ton so Martin would get helped by Ethier and Ethier by Manny

  • karmabad

    Hmmm…I don’t get the Ethier move either…Wow, I got to use Ethier and either in the same sentence…it’s been a slow day…ha

    So, what are the odds we see Furcal hit this week?

    And one final note:

    Dear Joe Torre –

    Please, please, PLEASE, spare us with anymore Sweeney pinch hit opportunities. Thanks!


    Dodger Fans

  • TeamHasHoles

    This is a reactionary lineup… and overly so.

    I would have moved Blake down, but that’s about it. The team just needed a day off, they didn’t need wholesale lineup changes.

    In every sport, when the games on the line at the end, you go with the guys that got you there, the guys who earned the right to play at the end of the game or the end of the season when it matters.

    For Loney not to be in the lineup shows a lack of confidence from his manager and it’s a mistake.

    Nomar better crush the ball tonite or Joe looks like an idiot.

  • snuffy02

    just win baby…

  • TeamHasHoles

    Nomar makes it work out… Joe looks like a genius

  • Harpo JB

    TeamHasHoles said:
    “Nomar better crush the ball tonite or Joe looks like an idiot.
    “Nomar makes it work out”

    His home run added some degree of comfort by padding an already-existing lead, but the Dodgers had already scored enough runs to win the game before Nomar had his first plate appearance.