Furcal apparently activated

Nothing has been announced yet, but his name appears as a reserve on the lineup card posted in the Dodgers’ clubhouse. He is coming off the 60-day disabled list, which means a corresponding 40-man roster move will have to be made. When he gets into a game, it will be the first time since May 5. He was scratched from the lineup just before game on May 6 with lower-back tightness that eventually required surgery. He was hitting .366 at the time. … By the way, James Loney has won this year’s Roy Campanella Award as the Dodgers’ “most inspirational” player.

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  • Harpo JB

    If the person who presents the Campanella award is left-handed, does Loney have to share it with Garciaparra?

  • TeamHasHoles

    That was kinda funny…

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Seems that Pujols, Glaus and Ludwick are not in the Cardinals lineup tonight against the D-Backs. This is not the time for the Cardinals to be taking a look at their younger prospects. Call it what you want, “bush league”, “criminal”, whatever. LaRussa is showing absolutely no respect for the Dodgers, or the game itself. I don’t think any of those players needs a rest, given that they have the entire offseason to get that. It’s WRONG, plain and simple.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Yadier Molina is also out of the lineup.

  • Harpo JB

    Don’t look now, but the Cards are leading 3-2 after four innings. They appear to have a competitive team on the field.

  • snuffy02

    just win baby…