Penny to 60-day DL, ineligible for the postseason

This clears a 40-man spot for Furcal. Not a huge surprise, as Penny wasn’t expected to pitch again anyway, even in the playoffs. Torre said he’ll ease Furcal in, probably finding an innocuous situation for him the first time plays (think the late innings of last night’s game, when the Dodgers had a nine-run lead). Asked him whether Furcal could start a game and play nine innings, and Joe was non-committal. Said he would have to see how things went.

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  • snuffy02

    just win baby…

  • phillydodger

    why in world do we need furcal NOW? this was like Joe activiating Sheffield for the playoffs and have him play 1B???

    leave this thing alone. no kent. no furcal. no saito, really, if he is confidant he can go. physically he might be ready, but mentally he seems weeks away, and Joe still sees him as the closer.