Pitching plans …

… have yet to be finalized, or at least if they have been finalized, no one is talking. Greg Maddux was scratched tonight in favor of Eric Stults, and you’re smarter than I am if you can figure out what any of this means: Maddux is now starting Saturday, with Billingsley coming in behind him, and Kuroda is pitching Sunday. It is clear that D-Lowe and Billingsley are the starters for Games 1 and 2, respectively. It would SEEM that Kuroda is now the starter for Game 3. Torre said he might go with three starters because there is a second off-day on Oct. 6, which is between Games 3 and 4. But even then, Lowe would have to start Game 4 on three days’ rest, so they might end up going with Maddux in Game 4. Also, don’t forget Kershaw. Joe SAID that he hasn’t ruled out Clayton as a starter, and Ned Colletti said he is comfortable with Kershaw pitching throughout the playoffs.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    Let the record show that Vin Scully had some very very nice words about Jeff Kent as he was hilighted running out to secondbase tonite. Jeff Kent will join Scully in the baseball hall of fame some day, but Vinny’s just a Hall of Fame person.

  • max_power

    Greg Maddux was my favorite player when I was younger. He’s probably the best pitcher I’ll ever see in my lifetime BUT Clayton Kershaw needs to start game 4.

  • Yeager

    I’m definitely not smart than you but. . .
    If Maddux pitches tonight, it would be a long layoff until the possible game 4 assignment, hold him back until Saturday, then it won’t be so long. And if he bombs Saturday, then he can watch with the rest of us.

  • Yeager

    I’m surprised they would choose Kuroda ahead of Kershaw, unless they see Kershaw taking Kuo’s spot in the bullpen

  • Marcel

    The off day on 10/6 is between Games 4 and 5, actually.