• JLS23

    Kent…please just go away.

  • max_power

    Please tell us this is just for the sake of letting Kent get some playing time to test out his knee. If we go into the playoffs with Kent as our second basemen and batting clean up we won’t be playing our best team. Jeff Kent can’t play defense and he is no where near a middle of the order bat anymore. Jeff Kent batting cleanup this year is hitting .251/.311/.422. Want to know why the Dodgers had trouble scoring runs earlier this year?…thats why.

  • rafael

    tony, you think furcal will be a starter in the playoffs? make a prediction if you don’t know the answer.

  • Buddy

    Didn’t Furcal and Kent have to be on the active roster on Sept 1st to be playoff eligible? For the team’s sake, I hope they’re not included. I’d rather go with the defensively reliable DeWitt and Beroa. Either of those players won’t hurt their chances. Furcal and Kent shouldn’t be re-signed. Thankfully, Ned won’t be around to make that decision.

    Incidentally, I read on espn that the Mariners are seriously looking at Kim Ng for GM. That would be a smart move on their part. She’s ready.

  • snuffy02

    Buddy boy, Furcal & Kent were on the active roster before Sept. 1st. But I agree Ng is ready, in fact much more ready than Sarah Palin is to be prez.

  • max_power

    Another reason Juan Pierre is useless. A high school outfielder could have thrown Velez out on that ball. He can’t even steal a base he’s been picked off 2 straight times and once against the team with the worst percentage of runners caught. He’s completely useless. Thanks Ned! Only 3 more years of this crap.

  • max_power

    Also, I’ve been a big Broxton support but if he can’t sit down Steve McClain in a throw away game what is he going to do when he faces Ryan Howard, David Wright, Chase Utley, Alfonso Soriano or any other super star we are going to face in the playoffs? I still have hope for this team in the playoffs but getting swept in the first round wouldn’t surprise me.