• KevinS

    Tony… okay, I read your article and it was never mentioned on what basis that home run ball was ruled a home run. As far as I could tell, the ball caromed off the face of the right field wall. Where do the umps get to call it a home run? Is there a ground rule with the aluminum cap at the top of the wall, painted a “neutral” color I might add, which the ball caromed off of? Bottom line, the ball never crossed the plane of the top of the wall. Vin never explained it and best I can read, nobody’s been able to explain why that ball was allowed to be a home run. I’d like to know how the umps came up with that call.

  • max_power

    Im surprised at how good Furcal has looked so far. He doesn’t look over matched and he’s making solid contact. He showed last night he can still pick it too last night.

    Kent batting clean up really worries me. I know its a meaningless game and he’s just getting his reps but if Joe thinks Kent can start he’s going to bat him clean up and we all know he can’t anymore. More veteran preference which has cost us many games this year.

  • KevinS

    Max… Kent won’t be starting in the post-season. It looks like DeWitt will be the starter with Kent coming in off the bench as a pinch-hitter. Kent is just getting his reps.

    “… I think this is all on the assumption that he is healthy enough to play. … The only thing I told him was that my plan is to use him off the bench as a pinch hitter. That is an area we have been a little inconsistent with.”

    “It would be tough to be sentimental,” Torre said. “I like to think I’m loyal to my players, but when it comes down to something as important as the postseason, I am more loyal to 25 players.”

    I think that last paragraph says it all.

  • dumkopf

    I hope this is an audition for Maddux, determining whether he makes the post-season roster. A resounding ‘NO’ in my book, 1 good game in 4 starts doesn’t warrant a roster spot. I don’t care how great he WAS, now he’s finished.

  • max_power

    Well good, I still won’t be comfortable until Tony post that game 1 lineup and Kent isn’t on it though. Kent obviously wants to start and if he plays well in these next two games you never know.

    If Mark Sweeney is on the roster I will do everything in my power to get Joe Torre committed to an insane asylum.

  • JxR1255


    The umpire explained it here

    We conferred and decided to use the replay. We took a look and the ball clearly hit the green part of the wall, which is part of the ground rules that a ball hitting any part of the green thing its a home run, Welke said.

    and the article is here


    It also explains the pinch runner situation.

  • JLS23

    when jeff kent is no longer a member of the dodgers, i will celebrate like its christmas. ive had enough.

  • KevinS

    Thanks JxR… that explains it then. Stupid ground rule if you ask me.

  • JxR1255

    No problem and yeah I know. It still hit the wall and bounced back. Even Vin didn’t think they would rule it a homer.

  • Mario DiLeo

    It looks like the presence of Kent on the NLDS roster will mean that someone who can actually contribute something positive like Pedro Ozuna will be aced out…

  • muzicman

    give kent the chance in the limelight. he has served his time and has been there when everyone else has laid down. this is probably his last year and then someone else can fight for his job and you can find someone else to pick on since he will be gone. kent and garciaparra might not be what they used to be but they help make baseball with their attitudes to win and it doesn’t mean everyone has to like them either. they put up some big numbers and did what they did best…….hit the ball. show me a player on the dodgers that can even hold a candle to them……..