Start times

These are all EASTERN, so subtract THREE HOURS for Los Angeles time and ONE HOUR for Chicago time. All of this round is on TBS.

Tue. Sept. 30

7:37 pm MIN @ CWS – Tie-Breaker

Wed. Oct. 1

3:07 pm MIL @ PHI (1)
6:37 pm LAD @ CHI (1)
10:07 pm BOS @ LAA (1)

Thur. Oct. 2

2:37 pm AL-C @ TB (1)
6:07 pm MIL @ PHI (2)
9:37 pm LAD @ CHI (2)

Fri. Oct. 3

6:07 pm AL-C @ TB (2)
9:37 pm BOS @ LAA (2)

Sat. Oct. 4

6:37 pm PHI @ MIL (3)
10:07 pm CHI @ LAD (3)

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  • Buddy

    Keith Law on just posted excellent scouting reports for each of the playoff teams. I agree with his assessment that Kershaw should pitch in Maddux’s stead. His stuff is far nastier, even if the Cubs are strong right-handed power.

    Kent or Garciaparra should not be seeing considerable playoff time.

  • BruinFBBB

    I don’t claim to know what is going on inside Joe’s head but I trust his experience.

    And my guess is that he feels like finding out if Maddux is going to be on or not. If he is then great…but you don’t lose much if he’s not and can minimize the damage…

    Maddux can start the game and even if he only goes 3 then Clayton can come in for 2-3 before handing it to the pen. You can get two starters for the price of one in a short series.

    Of course this requires Maddux to not give up more than a couple runs in his innings…

    Hopefully the end result will be Maddux and Kershaw combining for 5-6 innings and giving up hopefully no more than 4 runs…(though 3 would be even better)…

    I’ll take that from a fourth starter…