Flying really stinks

Spent a good portion of the day turned sideways in my seat so that I could stick my legs into the aisle, because they simply didn’t fit in the tiny little space between my seat and the seat in front of me. And I was one of the lucky ones who HAD an aisle seat. Poor guy next to me, the one stuck in the middle, must have thought I was the most anti-social jerk he had ever seen because I spent the whole flight with my back turned toward him. And that was AFTER the day began with a minor, predawn confrontation at SFO with one of those oh-so-charming TSA agents, some punk kid on a power trip who couldn’t have been more than about 22. But hey, after a long, frustrating day, here I am in the Windy City, ready to cover the Dodgers in the playoffs for the third time in the past five years. Weather is nice, but it’s supposed to be COLD for tomorrow’s workout and both games. Apparently no news of any kind yet, as I haven’t received an email from Rawitch. But I’m sure there will be plenty tomorrow, when the Dodgers probably will finalize their roster. I’m staying at O’Hare for this trip, so as I sit here looking out my window at a parking lot and a couple of other airport hotels across the way, I could be in just about any city in America. But I’m heading into the Loop (that’s what the locals call downtown) in a few minutes to have dinner with a buddy. The real work begins tomorrow.

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  • snuffy02

    Not that it is of any great consequence now, but does anyone have any information about Brad Penny’s disappearance?

  • KevinS

    I realize I’m looking way ahead here. What will determine the Dodgers home field advantage in the NLCS should they advance? I’m guessing Milwaukee would have to win, but what factors decide home-field advantage between the two teams? Is it simply the season record, or is it more involved? Thanks!

  • karmabad

    The cubs are HEAVY faves…everyone wants them to win…so, BEAT THOSE CUBBIES! Let them wait another 100 years! We’ve made it this far. Let’s keep going and win 11 games!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Jackson

    It’s still the team with the best record who gets home field UNLESS one of the teams is the wild card. A wild card can’t have home field for the first or second round even if they have a better record than the team they are playing. So the Dodgers would have homefield advantage against the Brewers. Wild card CAN have homefield advantage for the World Series if they are from the league that won the All-Star Game.