Roster finalized

First, here it is. Then, some comments below. Keep in mind, this IS subject to change until tomorrow morning.


Danny Ardoin
Russell Martin

Angel Berroa
Casey Blake
Blake DeWitt
Rafael Furcal
Nomar Garciaparra
Jeff Kent
James Loney
Pablo Ozuna

Andre Ethier
Matt Kemp
Juan Pierre
Manny Ramirez

Scott Proctor lost out to Ramon Troncoso because Joe Torre needed a guy who would warm up, not come in, warm up again and then come in if necessary. Proctor, because of health issues he has had this year, isn’t able to do that right now. … Furcal is the starter at SS for now, unless he has more problems with his back or leg, and Berroa is the backup. But DeWitt will continue to start at 2B with Kent on the bench. … Juan Pierre is the only LH bat off the bench with Sweeney not making the roster, but Joe reiterated that Nomar and Kent are good enough hitters against right-handers that it shouldn’t matter. … All of this is subject to change for the second round if the Dodgers get there.

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  • love russ

    any comment as to why pablo ozuna > delwyn young?

  • dumkopf

    Same thought; Young should be in, Osuna should be out. Oh I forgot, he’s a veteran…

  • love russ

    dumkopf, if he was going with the whole veteran thing.. then we’d see sweeney’s name.. thankfully, that’s not the case.. haha

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    In Ozuna’s case it’s got to be his speed and ability to lay down a bunt, and he’s probably a more versatile infielder. However, I can’t say I’m pleased. Young offers more versatility as a PH given that he hits from both sides of the plate. Also has more power. Furthermore, from what I saw the other day, it doesn’t appear that Ozuna offers much in the outfield. I’m definitely not in love with this decision. Hope Torre’s right and I’m wrong.

  • I have no problem with Ozuna over Young. I assume it’s a defensive thing, versus offense.

  • thinkblu

    Think of it this way, furcal and kent could both go down leaving you with a razor thin infield. Ozuna can play all positions therefore his inclusion makes more sense than D Young’s.

  • Tony Jackson

    I meant to address that in the initial post. It has more to do with covering themselves with depth at every position. Ozuna can play the outfield and is a natural infielder. D.Y. can play the infield, but is a natural outfielder who can only play second base. Ozuna covers them at more positions. He can play on both sides of the bag and all over the outfield. He actually has played a game or two at ALL SEVEN POSITIONS in his career. So it’s more about versatility than anything.

  • love russ

    thanks tony! figured as much.. i like delwyn’s bat more, but not his defense..