McDonald in, Troncoso out

The Dodgers made a last-minute change to their first-round roster. Not sure of the reason other than McDonald has been starting all year and can go longer if needed. Will find out when we meet with Joe. … Beautiful day at Wrigley, but really cold. Wind appears to be blowing IN.

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  • KevinS

    To answer Max from yesterday: McDonald was activated just before the rosters were expanded making him available for postseason play.

  • Marcel


    The only requirement is that a player must be on the 40-man roster by 8/31.

    McDonald has been on it since the end of 2007.

  • Buddy

    Good move, McDonald has excellent velocity complimented with a superb breaking ball. He can tie up good hitters well.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I like McDonald a lot, and definitely think that he should be considered for a rotation spot next year. My only worry with McDonald is the sparse work he had after reporting to the Dodgers, and his tendency to be a fly ball pitcher against a power laden Cubs lineup. However, although I also like Troncoso’s stuff, he’s still a work in progress as far a command goes. The decision may well have been based on the fact that in addition to a low to mid-90’s fastball, and excellent curve, McDonald also has a superior change-up.

    Whatever happens, I have no problem with this decision.

  • KevinS

    Marcel… Thanks for setting me straight. I didn’t realize he was on the 40-man that long.

  • Tony Jackson

    Actually, not to correct you guys, but the only requirement is that a player be IN THE ORGANIZATION by that date. Doesn’t have to be on the 40-man. They could call up Chris Withrow or Devaris Gordon for this series if they wanted to.