Still superstitious after all these years

Dodgers manager Joe Torre said he won’t name a Game 4 starter — possibly Derek Lowe, possibly Greg Maddux, still a remote possibility of Clayton Kershaw — until he is sure there will be a Game 4. In other words, if there is a possibility the Dodgers can sweep the series, thus eliminating the need for a Game 4, Joe doesn’t want to jinx them out of it.
Torre, who is in his 27th season as a manager and his 14th postseason, actually admitted that his reticence is based largely on superstition.
“I think it’s the same thing as waiting until you’re in the playoffs before you make decisions (pertaining to the playoffs). We have (Game 4) options, obviously.”
What Torre did admit was that pitching coach Rick Honeycutt had addressed the subject with Lowe of coming back on three days’ rest and that Lowe had said he was fine with it.

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