NLDS Game 3: Dodgers 3, Cubs 1

And with that, the Dodgers complete a three-game sweep no one could have predicted — except, perhaps, for the most fatalistic of Cubs fans. The most curious thing that happened tonight was that Torre left Broxton in to pitch the ninth inning after he blew away Mark DeRosa — and that he DIDN’T bring Broxton in to start the eighth, when Cory Wade went back out after finishing off the seventh. What that means for Takashi Saito, who got knocked around in Game 2, isn’t immediately clear. But this is what Joe had to say after the game:

“We decided to send (Wade) out because, again, Saito the other day when he came in just looked like he was feeling for it. And I was trying to keep as many people late as I could. I was hoping that Cory could get us through the eighth. That way, I would have both of those guys (Broxton and Saito) for the ninth inning. (But) I brought Broxton in for the eighth and just watched him throw strikes. He had trouble in Chicago there the last game, and a lot of it was based on the fact he was getting behind the hitters. When he started throwing strikes — I looked up at one point and he had thrown 12 of 13 pitches for strikes — that is one of the reasons I sent him back out in the ninth.”

Meanwhile, Rick Honeycutt told our Jill Painter that he feels like “we have two closers.”

If Saito is worried about Broxton taking his job, it didn’t show in the clubhouse. Saito walked up behind Broxton as Broxton was talking to several reporters and doused him with two bottles of beer.

On to the next round. If the Brewers can somehow complete a comeback from a 2-0 deficit against the Phillies — they cut it to 2-1 today — the Dodgers would open the NLCS at home on Thursday. If the Phillies win, that series will open at Citizens Bank Park.

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