Giving new meaning to the phrase “drunk as a skunk”

Several of us were packing up to leave the press box at about 10 after 1 this morning when we happened to notice a large skunk walking along the front row of the Dugout Club seats down below. The gate in the centerfield wall was wide open, so we’re guessing that was how he/she/it had entered the now completely-empty stadium. But the skunk was clearly scavenging for whatever it could find to eat/drink, and if you have ever been in a stadium two hours after a game, you know there are a lot of leftover concessions items tossed aside between rows of seats. Well, apparently, some of the ballpark patrons hadn’t finished their beers, because after a few minutes, this skunk made its way onto the field and headed in the general direction of the open gate. Then, he stopped and started just generally walking around in circles, and his gait seemed to slow down gradually. By the time we got bored and left, he/she/it was in short right field, near the line, and didn’t seem to be moving much at all. For all I know, he/she/it was still there, passed out, when the grounds crew arrived this morning. Sure wouldn’t want to be the person who has to romove him/her/it. … Phillies are pounding the Brewers 5-0 in the sixth inning. Looks like there is a cheesesteak or two (or 10) in my very near future.

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  • Buddy

    Can’t blame the skunk for wanting a share of the celebration. Hopefully, the grounds crew joined in. I’m guessing Game 1 will Wed. if Philly wins? Hopefully, the team will have a good workout tomorrow.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Tony, Assuming Kershaw gets the Game #4 start at home, does Joe add a reliever to the roster? (Kuo, assuming he’d wanna lefty, but if he’s not healthy, maybe Trancoso or Proctor).

    Who does he remove on the position player side if he does that? DY’s kinda valuable as a switch hitter, but Ozuna’s a better baserunner and better defensively… what to do?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Unlike the Cubs, who have a predominant righthanded lineup, the Phillies feature several big lefthanded bats, such as Howard and Utley. Dobbs will probably also see significant action. Furthermore, although I don’t have the stats to back this up, I believe that Rollins and Victorino, both switch hitters, are better from the left side. Also, hitting lefthanded better utilizes their speed. Consequently, I expect that James McDonald will probably be dropped in favor of a lefthander (Kuo if he’s healthy, or perhaps Elbert).

    As for the lineup, I suspect that we will be seeing more of Nomar given the presence of the lefthanders Hamels and Moyer.

  • Jayrew

    enjoy those steaks. bring us home a few (hundred)