The calm before the storm

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day here in the birthplace of America. From the press box at Citizens Bank Park, you can see ol’ William Penn quite clearly, all 37 feet of him standing atop the City Hall spire off in the distance. Phillies are working out on the field right now. Dodgers’ charter should be taking off from LAX right about now, and the team is expected to arrive around 8 tonight. There will be a more formal, MLB-mandated workout for both teams tomorrow. Phillies’ media availability was well-attended by the media, but not by the players. Only a handful of them came into the locker area of the clubhouse while reporters (dozens of them) were allowed in. Fortunately, one of them was the guy I was looking for, center fielder Shane Victorino. In case you don’t remember, he’s the guy the Dodgers let get away TWICE via the Rule 5 draft, and his grand slam in Game 2 was arguably the biggest hit of the Phillies’ four-game division series win over the Brewers. Victorino’s story, how he went from an overlooked prospect with the Dodgers to the everyday CF for the Phillies, can be found in tomorrow’s paper. That’s about all I have for today. Hasta manana.

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  • Buddy

    Let’s just hope the Dodgers’ offense is the storm and their pitching is the calm.

  • DanInDC

    Tony – I’m going to the game on Friday but I’m debating whether to wear a blue Dodger “Martin” shirt and hat, just a hat or nothing and just be incognito. I’ve heard stories of Philly fans but I just want to be safe but also represent amd support the Dodgers. What’s your advice?

  • Tony Jackson

    Dan, you’re putting a LOT of pressure on me with that one. So I guess I’m going to tell you to be safe and go incognito.

  • DanInDC

    Tony – Thanks for the advice and I enjoy your posts. This is a tough decision…I want to represent the Blue but I don’t want to get attacked either because then I would be bleeding…just not blue.