Saito’s roster spot in jeopardy

In fact, it looks like he isn’t going to make the cut for this round. After the workout, after most of the team had boarded buses back to the downtown Westin, Saito went to the visiting bullpen with Torre and Honeycutt and had a side session to try to work out a mechanical problem that has plagued him since he returned from the DL. The problem is with his balance pitching out of the windup, and the solution for now is that he has scrapped pitching out of the windup and will go exclusively out of the stretch, but that’s if he goes at all. Saito said the decision rests with others, but he seemed to offer a cryptic hint that he won’t be on the roster when he said this, with Kenji Nimura translating:

“I’m never going to say I’m (off) the roster, because that isn’t for me to decide. It’s up to oe and the coaching staff, and they might want me to give it some time and work on my mechanics so I can be ready for the World Series.”

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  • UCLA Tripod

    I love Saito but he hasnt looked strong since coming off the DL and he could be a huge liability if Torre uses him in a save situation.
    Who could take his spot? Proctor, Kuo?

  • Tony Jackson

    This would be the roster spot cleared to make room for Kuo, who is healthy and good to go

  • Orel Fixation

    hey tony!good luck with the eye.
    any word on whether joe would go with a three man rotation and leave maddux and kershaw in the pen? i noticed there’s a day off in LA – this might help decide.

  • Buddy

    It’s official: Kuo just took Saito’s spot on the roster. Good move since he’s been a bit erratic and the Dodgers will need left-handed pitchers throughout the series. McDonald, Ozuna and Berroa are also in.

    Pierre could be a valuable pinch-run base stealing threat throughout the series. At least he has this going for him.