Derek Lowe to start Games 4 and 7

He’ll get the ball on Monday night on three days’ rest. If there is a Game 7 back in Philly, he would be going on normal rest for that one. Joe Torre said earlier that he personally hasn’t had much success as a manager going with starting pitchers on three days’ rest, but as a sinkerballer who doesn’t rely heavily on velocity, Lowe would seem to be the one type of pitcher who shouldn’t be affected much by it. A side benefit to this, Torre said, is that Chad Billingsley, who is probably itching to get back on the mound after that disaster in Game 2, will get to do so sooner. He’ll go in Game 5 on Wednesday night on regular rest after the off-day Tuesday. … In other news, Nomar will start tomorrow night against Jamie Moyer, whom he hits extremely well, and it SOUNDS like it probably will be at first base, because that position will be easier on Nomar’s body and because it will allow Torre to rest James Loney against the lefty. Also, Takashi Saito will NOT go to the Arizona Instructional League to pitch in a game. He will stay here throughout this series and pitch in a simulated game, at a date yet to be determined, so Rick Honeycytt can watch him closely.

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  • Buddy

    Too bad, I was hoping Kershaw would get the ball for Game 4 which would have given Lowe some extra rest. We’ll see how this pans out.

  • cheba63

    Kuroda in game 6 on the road is worrysome, but I guess with the way Bills has pitched there recently, he is the better option. Hopefully if he shows any sign of trouble they’d send in Kershaw/McDonald immediately with the way those two pitched the other night. But I’d just be happy if there is a game 6.

  • This is gonna sound odd but…I agree with starting Nomar over Loney at 1st.

  • JLS23

    Yeah i TOTALLY agree with taking out one of the ONLY guys who’s hitting with nomar who would probably swing at a pickoff throw. Great job as usual torre! And how bout Jeff Kent. Boy has he been useful this postsean.

  • cheba63

    Yeah, Nomar should be replacing Blake, not Loney.

  • I dunno, Nomar’s splits against righties and Moyer are amazing, and Loney has struggled against lefties all year. I would hope Loney comes in as soon as Moyer gets replaced though.

  • phillydodger

    this is most likely Nomar’s last week as a Dodger. Let’s hope he makes it a memorable one, esp after that godawful at bat on Friday night.

    I still am pulling for Kemp/DeWitt to work some magic, esp in Chavez Ravine.

    Dodgers 6, Phillies 4

  • Mario DiLeo

    Who said Kuroda was a lock for Game 6? Why doesn’t Torre stick Maddux in there for one last time?

  • cheba63

    I wasn’t saying he was a lock, it would just make the most sense that the Dodgers #3 pitcher would get the nod over their #5. Maybe he won’t though.

  • Tony Jackson

    Not to quash this debate, but Joe said today his plan is to start Kuroda in Game 6 if it gets that far.