Tonight’s lineups

Nomar is in at first base, as expected. The other part of the equation is that the bottom of the order was shaken up, with Blake moving to sixth, Kemp dropping to seventh and DeWitt now hitting eighth. Nomar’s career postseason stats are fairly impressive. He is batting .318 (34 for 107) with a .380 on-base percentage, a .598 slugging percentage, seven HRs and 23 RBI.


Rollins. SS
Victorino. CF
Utley. 2B
Howard. 1B
Burrell. LF
Werth. RF
Feliz. 3B
Ruiz. C
Moyer. LHP


Furcal. SS
Ethier. RF
Ramirez. LF
Martin. C
Garciaparra. 1B
Blake. 3B
Kemp. CF
DeWitt. 2B
Kuroda. RHP

  • snuffy02

    just win baby…

  • dumkopf

    This lineup does not inspire confidence in me. Manny and Ethier are the only ones we can count on. Furcal and Martin are out machines, almost as bad as Blake, Kemp, and DeWitt. But they’re the best we have….

  • KevinS

    By all means… let’s sit out our best hitter in the NLCS in James Loney for a slumping Casey Blake. Nomar should be playing third base tonight with Loney at first.

    Torre… I hope you end up looking like a genius tonight…

  • Buddy

    I have no idea what your record is every time you post “just win, baby” but whatever you do, keep posting it. It’s working.

  • snuffy02

    Thanks Buddy…’just win baby’ is now 8-0.

  • Buddy

    Let’s make it 15-0.