Tonight’s lineup: Pierre in, Kemp out

Not sure why. We’re meeting with Joe in a few, so I’m sure one of us will ask

Furcal SS
Ethier RF
Ramirez LF
Martin C
Loney 1B
DeWitt 2B
Blake 3B
Pierre CF
Lowe RHP

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  • karmabad

    hmmm…Kemp got a couple hits last night…and hasn’t really been brining any power to the plate. BUT, now we have that limp arm in the OF. Let’s just win tonight!

  • snuffy02

    just win baby…

  • max_power

    Casey Blake is absolutely horrible!

  • Tony Jackson

    what was that again, max?

  • max_power

    Haha that always happens! Thank you Casey!

  • max_power

    Well one thing is still certain. Joe Torre doesn’t know how to manage a bullpen. If you’re going to take Kuo out after one batter then you might as well pinch hit for me. That was horrible. Wade has been reliable but there was no reason to take Kuo out. He was dealing.

  • max_power

    Horrible! So Horrible! He should have never taken Kuo out.

  • max_power

    I know he took out Kuo to turn Victorino around but Kuo is just as dominate against right handed batters! THere was no reason to take Kuo out! Kuo can dominate a righty or a lefty. If we lose tonight its over and it’s Joe’s fault.

  • KevinS

    I want to personally thank Joe Torre for wasting my freaking time tonight. Derek Lowe had only thrown 74 pitches through 5 innings of work… and he was due up third in the bottom of the sixth inning. What the hell is wrong with you Joe Torre!!?? Lowe was cruising after settling in the previous three innings. I know you didn’t want Ryan Howard to beat you in the sixth inning… but you didn’t need to blow through your bullpen at this point either… especially when having the lead in the game! But no… you decide to go conservative and WASTE one of your left-handers early in the game… and then when you NEEDED one in the eight inning, you had nowhere to turn! There was no need to go four innings with the bullpen… especially when you had the lead! Way to screw up the whole series.

    Now you’ve forced your team to win three games against a very good ballclub… with two of those games on the road where your team has yet to win this year! You’ve forced the team to believe in a miracle now and it didn’t need to be this way… thanks buddy! I knew you’d have our backs in this!!

  • snuffy02

    KevinS: you are correct sir. Lay this one & now probably the series on Torre’s mismanagement of the pitching staff tonite & blowing a 5-3 lead in the 8th. Because people/media think Joe is some kind of god a word will not be spoken against Giants fan as a kid Joe Torre. I’m crying my way to sleep…

  • USC’89

    Thank you Joe Torre. Now I understand why you didnt win a WS the last 7 years in NY, despite having the best team money could buy, and they ran you out of town.

    Truly pathetic.