More on Torre’s running of Game 4

Today, he was asked abot lifting Kuo when he did. Turns out, he went with him a little longer — one batter longer, to be specific — than he had originally planned.

“He was obviously electric the way he pitched in the seventh. He went out for the eighth, and I watched his first three warmup pitches, and they just looked like he had a tough time getting loose. And then, I watched him pitch to (Ryan) Howard (who singled to lead off the inning). That was why I took him out. I don’t think the ball was coming out of his hand as easy, and that was why I removed him in that part of the game.”

Torre also said that if there were any physical issues with Kuo, he wasn’t aware of them. Team has the day off today after Joe canceled the workout. Phillies working out now.

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  • snuffy02

    Saint Joe blew the game–taking Lowe out as he was getting stronger (only 74 pitches) after only 5 innings with a 3-2 lead for a 20 yr. old kid in a playoff intense game was ridiculous. Then mismanaging the bullpen just added to the Almighty Joe’s bumbling. Lost the game, lost the big mo, probably lost the series & the season. Damn shame.

  • Jayrew

    Damn Shame…

    How bad was that to watch. It was like it all happened in an instant. This one hurts. C’mon Joe

  • TeamHasHoles

    Yeah, sounds like a made up story AFTER the fact to me or an excuse he was looking for to remove him. He hadn’t used Kuo that way all season… NOW all of a sudden he’s going to let him start an inning and sit him down? It doesn’t make sense… then he compounds his own poor judgment by bringing in an overworked guy who had pitched two innings the night before, then bring his one-inning closer in the middle of an inning? All the while Greg Maddux sits there in the pen, rested and ready to pitch?

    To paraphrase the worst Vice-Presidential Candidate I’ve ever seen in my life, “Say it ain’t so Joe!”

  • Well, he pretty much made sure Kuo had his injury problems by overexerting him for 2 innings at a time in the desperation of a playoff race in the first place, why not risk injury now?

    Kuo was supposed to be a one inning guy max after all his problems. Then he was SO good that Torre decided to extend him, except when it matters. I mean, honestly, this isn’t even hindsight, NOBODY I was with DIDN’T say “wait, what is he doing now?” at least 3-4 times during the game. I was just flat out puzzled.

  • karmabad

    Alright, alright. Let’s forget about Monday nights game. This is baseball and the playoffs, and this happens all the time. Moving on…

    LET’S WIN TONIGHT! Stay positive, we have a great team! We shouldn’t even be here, remember?!

  • Jayrew

    hey Karmabad,

    we arent a great team, we are nothin without manny. NOTHIN. its gonna suck next yuear when manny’s playin ball elsewhere and they are spoonfeeding us andruw jones