Dodger tickets, anyone?

Dodgers tickets for Game 5 of the NLCS were selling for as little as $8 on Wednesday afternoon. The Dodgers are down 3-1 in the NLCS and were on the verge of being eliminated at Dodger Stadium. Apparently Dodgers fans didn’t put much stock in getting a win against Philly ace Cole Hamels.
Here’s the story from the Associated Presss:

Dodgers fans apparently gave up hope even before Philadelphia’s Jimmy
Rollins led off Wednesday night’s Game 5 of the National League
Championship Series with a home run.
By noon, tickets on StubHub for what could be the final game at
Dodger Stadium this season were selling for an average of $89 — and
for as low as $8.
Sean Pate of StubHub told that he’d seen such a
drop happen only once before, for a Colorado Rockies-Arizona
Diamondbacks series last year.
“(That) saw some similar apathy for pricing,” he said, “but that’s
the only other one that’s in the ballpark. I would expect that from
the (fans there), who aren’t (as) loyal or devout, but the Dodgers’
prices have really surprised me. This is a market that routinely
shells out hundreds per ticket to see USC and the Lakers, but
baseball just isn’t driving high prices this year.”
By comparison, tickets for tonight’s game at Fenway Park in Boston,
in which the Red Sox face elimination, were going for an average of
$225 with a low of $65.

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  • USC’89

    A wasted opportunity. Period.

    This team will be terrible in ’09.

  • cheba63

    A wasted opprtunity, yes.

    Terrible in ’09, only if they don’t bring back Manny. And even then, they wouldn’t be terrible, just not very good.