Is that all there is?

We’ll find out tonight, one supposes. The Dodgers have ONE CHANCE to get this right, or ride off into the offseason. If they manage to get it done, they’ll face the same dilemma in Game 6, this time on hostile turf. By the way, in the history of best-of-seven series, only three teams have fallen behind three games to one and come back to win the series without benefit of home-field advantage, the 2003 Florida Marlins being the last to do it in that year’s NLCS with the Cubs.

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  • Lochi

    1985 KC Royals over the Blue Jays & 2004 Boston Red Sox over the Yankees…

  • karmabad

    we just need to WIN!

  • WeCanDeWitt

    tonight is the start of a 7 game winning streak! Lets go Dodgers!

  • cheba63

    Yeah, if they can just win this one, they would be in good shape with the pitching match ups in games 6 and 7. Go Dodgers!

  • The 5th Outfielder

    Well, well, well…the journey ‘e’ – ethier – batted a ROBUST .227 for the series. Meanwhile, one Juan Pierre batted .667.


    Ain’t that a kick in the head Shakey Az? Told ya this is the way the story would end…ah, ah, ah-hahahahahahahah!

    Juan Pi-erre!