NLCS Game 5: Phillies 5, Dodgers 1

This was a stinker from the Dodgers’ standpoint: another bad (and short) outing by Billingsley, three errors by Furcal in a single inning, a wild pitch that Russell Martin made no attempt to get in front of and a throw from James Loney that went to the backstop. But given that it all came in a series the Dodgers were never going to win anyway after they lost Game 4, none of that should mar the fact that this was a spectacular season, the best around here since 1988. More importantly, it was a season this team can build on. They have a lot of veteran free agents, many of whom won’t be back. But they also have a nice core of young talent that will be here for years to come. … I will keep up this blog as much as possible this winter, but don’t hold me to posting something every day (and DEFINITELY not tomorrow). I would like to say thank you to you, the readers, for all your comments and all your emails and all your hits this season, and I appreciate your patience with the occasional glitches here and there. See you soon.

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  • cheba63

    Yeah, a pretty ugly game played by them. But I guess I was a little more optimistic than you as I thought they had a good chance to come back after game 4, so long as they could beat Hamels.

  • redeyewriter

    The Dodgers didn’t have much fight in them tonight. At the game Monday night, I don’t think 1/2 the stadium even saw Victorino’s shot, and the air for the fans and team was blown out of the balloon by Stair’s blast. Great season nontheless…

  • DanInDC

    Tony – Great job this season. I will be looking forward to the updates until next season starts. Just so you know, I did end up just wearing the hat (at the Philly game last Friday). As you can imagine I got a lot of grief from the Phillies fans but nothing over-the-top – No beers thrown, no profanities, and the best…no fistfights or threats. I tried to just be friendly and not a jerk about being a Dodger fan. It worked, because I was actually surprised that I didn’t get harassed more. It was fun actually. I think Philly fans got it more at Dodger Stadium. Anyway, thanks again for the advice and all the hard work this season. Take care.

  • ebbetsfld

    It’s been a great season, even if frustrating at times. Thanks for maintaining your blog and keeping us up to date all season. It was a pleasure meeting you in Vero and keeping up with you. Have an easy, satisfying move and catch your breath. The off season should be verrrrry interesting, to say the least.

  • KevinS

    Thank you Tony for all you’ve done with this blog… great job. It’s been a fun season and you helped to make it more interesting. Recharge and reload! Thanks again!

  • KingBB99

    Great season Tony. Your blog is always the first stop for Dodger information. Keep up the good work.

  • The 5th Outfielder

    Well, well, well…the journey ‘e’ – ethier – batted a ROBUST .227 for the series. Meanwhile, one Juan Pierre batted .667.


    Ain’t that a kick in the head? Told ya this is the way the story would end…win with Pierre, lose with ethier…ah, ah, ah-hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    Juan Pi-erre!


  • AZShaker


    5th Outfielder shows up to play Monday morning quarterback. Missed you on the mlb board you hump.

    Next year, E-TH-IER!!! starts, as does Kemp. Your precious JoUrneymAN will be long gone.

    God the last two months of the season were fun. Andre made you look look as dumb as you are.

    You be good during the offseason 5th. I’ll be looking for you on the japanese league board when Juan plays for the Nippon Ham Fighters.

    5th Outfielder = Pathetic looser that Ethier made look bad. sad, and mad!!!


  • phillydodger

    Thanks for all the hard work and great insight. Hopefully you will continue your post game analysis later this week because, quite honestly, I think you wrote more about your move than game 5?!?

    The team was shot and finished when Victoriano hit his homer in the 8th inning of game 4. They never recovered.

    Not sure what the day off on Tuesday did. It certainly didn’t make them appear more focused or hungry. Actually, they looked pretty much shot after Rollins lead-off homer.

    Plus, Lasorda even had to get up and stroll the stands to get the crowd pumped…yikes.

    The D’s played like the Cubs, esp at home, which is probably the hardest to take. To give up the lead in one game and to totally give up in another, really, really was painful to watch.

    Guess we could we argue about Torre’s moves all winter. In short it looked like Manual under-managed and Torre over-managed. Plus the breaks appeared to go pretty much all the Phils’ ways. Still good teams make their own breaks or at least capitalize on them and the D’s just didn’t do enough of either.

    Russell batting fourth yesterday just confounds me. What was Joe thinking? That Russell would wake up and suddenly protect Manny. Why not Loney? or even Nomar if you wanted to play him at third – or maybe bench Loney against the lefty Hammels.

    Furcal..what can you say. I still think something happened to his back or something after that take out slide from Werth. His throws were terrible and way off, with little or no power – which means something with his back perhaps.

    And Kent coming in for DeWitt? I would have probably respected Joe more if he really went for it and put both Nomar and Kent in the starting lineup and went all in with the vets…you know, those guys that were supposed to lead us (after complaining all last year).

    I hope that Bills comes back strong next spring. He looked so dominating against the Cubs but he was humbled by the Phils. What’s up? Tipping his pitches? Lack of concentration? Have you seen any pitcher get in more trouble with two outs…usually with walks?!?

    I really was pulling for Kemp and DeWitt to make an impact. DeWitt had one big swing in game three and was totally invisible, esp last night with two “clutch” DPs.
    Kemp had hits, but no RBI and really had little or no impact along with the other invisible man – Eithier.

    Just a bad, bad, end to an otherwise storybook season.

    Who knows where they are headed in 2009 and what the roster looks like – but I would sign Manny in a heartbeat and trade Kemp to free up an OF slot. Then maybe you roll the dice and hope Jones has something left to bat fourth. Picking up Beltre would also be a nice 4th or 5th batter. Truth is, Manny played well enough to win, but he had no help and no power threat at all.

    Phils win in seven!

  • Tony — have a great offseason, thanks for the blog, and woo pig sooie.

  • snuffy02


    Lowe, Penny, Manny, Kent, Nomar, Bennett, Johnson, Berroa, Ozuna, Park, Maddux, Proctor, Furcal, Blake, Repko, Saito, Vero Beach, Las Vegas, Jacksonville & wish we could say goodbye to Jones, Pierre, Colletti, & the McCourts.

    And goodbye Tony until next season…

    Could not lift the Vero Beach Curse: the Dodgers will not win another World Series as long as the McCourts are the owners.

    “Say goodbye to Hollywood, say goodbye my baby”

  • The 5th Outfielder

    I like that: ethier – the journey ‘e’ nee THE ‘invisible man’…you couldn’t see him Shakey Az but sho nuff could ‘smell’ him…ah, ah, ah-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  • Denton True

    Tony, thank you to your dedication to this blog over the course of the entire season!

  • AZShaker

    Where’s JoUrnymAN pierre going 5th?

    Not staying the the Dodgers. Japan? Mexico? Your cellar???

    Enjoyed the blog Tony. Too bad 5th OF showed up. He is a tool!