Delwyn Young to undergo arthroscopic surgery

It’s nothing major, just the removal of a spur in the back of his right elbow and a repositioning of the ulnar nerve. He has been experiencing discomfort when throwing, so I guess it’s a good thing he doesn’t throw that much. He is expected to being throwing (without pain) in about six weeks and be ready by the start of spring training. … By the way, Mariano Duncan was inducted Sunday into the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame, the 93rd player to be so enshrined. And if you read today’s paper, where I listed the Dodgers’ arbitration-eligible guys this winter, I forgot to mention Takashi Saito, so add him to the list.

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  • Eric Stephen

    Yhency Brazoban and Jason Repko are also arbitration eligible, but I would bet a sizable amount of cash that both will be non-tendered in about four weeks. Both are out of options next season.

  • Tony, if you have the time, can you ask about Saito’s elbow? I read about those plasma injections, and to me it sounded like that was just a temporary fix to try to get him through the playoffs. Sounded like he still needed elbow surgery at some point.

    If so, doesn’t that mean he’ll miss at least like half of 2009?

  • underdog8

    Tony, I don’t know about you but I’m finding these Jon Heyman-led pieces about Russell Martin really tiresome. Any chance you can find out what’s up, get a response from someone in the organization? I feel like it’s all a bunch of hooey from someone barely associated with the Dodgers, but you’d think given their supposed PR savvy someone would rebuff them instead of letting Martin’s reputation dangle in the wind. Now Rob Neyer and others are commenting on it and making the Dodgers look stupid.
    Thanks, Craig

  • Buddy

    Is this blog still active? Maybe other Daily News staffers can contribute to it if Tony isn’t always available. There’s plenty to talk about as we head into the off-season.

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    During the WS there is a moratorium on teams making major news announcements, so there really isn’t much to report right now. Also, the GM meetings will be held in Orlando, FL, Nov. 5 -8. Finally, the period for free agent filings occurs in the 15 days following the WS, during which time the players’ current teams have exclusive negotiating rights. Things should start to loosen up within the next couple of weeks, at which time I’m sure Tony will probably have some concrete news to offer. Until then, he’s probably taking a well deserved rest.