The offseason officially begins

Congrats to the Phillies — and especially to Jayson Werth, who was one of the all-time good guys during his stint with the Dodgers — on winning the World Series. Now, would somebody please light the hot stove? Players who are eligible for free agency can start filing tomorrow. Ned Colletti said today that he still hasn’t spoken with Scott Boras (the two HAVE exchanged voice mails) about ANY of his Dodgers clients, not only Manny Ramirez but also Derek Lowe, Greg Maddux, Tony Abreu and Andruw Jones (Abreu and Jones are NOT free agents). Ned said he has spoken with the agents for Rafael Furcal, Casey Blake and Nomar Garciaparra, but only in a very preliminary manner. … Ned also said a couple of other interesting things today, the most interesting being that the club’s player-development system needs to get better at, well, player development. His exact quotes will be in tomorrow’s paper, as will a comment he made about Russell Martin possibly benefiting from not catching as often. … I did receive some sad news today. The Dodgers have fired their entire Vero Beach staff, which consisted of three people. But they were three of the nicest, coolest, most professional folks you could ever work with, co-general managers Katie Siegfried and Shawn Marette and communications manager Christa McElyea. I spoke with Katie today. She said they were all hoping to be brought to Arizona and that they were all disappointed it didn’t happen. But she also said all three of them were free to apply for similar jobs in Glendale, although those jobs are being filled as part of a joint venture between the Dodgers and Chicago White Sox (who apparently haven’t even officially determined whether they’ll be joining the Dodgers in Glendale next spring or if they’ll put off their move from Tucson to 2010). … That’s about it for now. Sorry about the long posting drought, but I have been extremely busy with moving, the details of which I’ll be posting here in the next day or two. Thanks for your patience. And thanks for all the great emails I have received from several of you who took the time to write over the past few days.

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  • I’ll be waiting for the player development quote, considering that the only reason he still has his job is the player development.

  • snuffy02

    Typical shabby treatment by the McCourts of the last of the Vero Beach employees. You are right Tony, they are the nicest. I will be at the last Dodger fantasy camp at beautiful Dodgertown in Vero Beach which starts on 11/1. It will be very sad. I have been coming to Dodgertown for the last 25 years of spring training as a season ticket holder & have been to 3 fantasy camps. The friends I have made and overall breath-taking experience as a fan at Dodgertown has been wonderful. And the Dodgertown staff have always been the best. There is no reason, after 61 years in Vero, for McCourt to treat these dedicated employees so disrespectfully. My wife & I are the only couple to get married at home plate (3/25/05) at Holman Stadium during a spring training. The staff (especially Craig Callan & Rich Nalbandian) as well as Manager Jim Tracy & his coaches at the time went out of their way & were part of the wedding party including holding up bats. So this is very hollowed ground to me; from the Brooklyn Dodgers to LA I will greatly miss Dodgertown. McCourt has said the move to Arizona for spring training as “an opportunity to be cloaser to LA & build the best spring training facility in the history of baseball.” Well McCourt only understands one thing: $$$$. If it wasn’t just $$$$ he would have known the Dodgers had already built the best spring training facility in the history of baseball, Dodgertown Vero Beach.

  • dumkopf

    McCourt is a little pissant that will never be able to sully the memory of Walter O’Mally. He will die unmourned with the taste of failure in his throat.

  • Dave R.

    Yeah I’m sure O’Mally NEVER fired anyone in his life. Ridiculous.

  • snuffy02

    It is PETER O’Malley who was the greatest owner in the history of the LA Dodgers. He understood Dodger history, the Dodgertown legacy, and made the LA Dodgers contenders year after year while treating his staff with the respect & dignity they deserved. Peter O’Malley & his sister were the last true family owned & run like a famliy team.

  • Dodgertown was just like Vin Scully – one of a kind! There will never be another Dodgertown, just as there will never be another Vin Scully. Vin is still relevant, but Dodgertown had ceased to be relevant. I loved the place, still do, but the fact remains that crowds had become smaller and smaller, and the travel from the Left to the Right Coast was difficult. The Dodgers were the last MLB team that trained so far away from home. It’s sad, I shall miss it, but it had to happen. And yes, it is about the money. It has always been about the money. That’s why Walter brought the team West. It’s also why Peter sold it. It was, is, and will always be ABOUT THE MONEY! To really make money, you have to win – McCourt does know that very well, and the move to Arizona gives the Dodgers a better chance to win. Goodbye Dodgertown! With every goodbye you learn.

  • Snuffy — and yet, three of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ five titles occurred while Walter O’Malley ran the show. Discuss.