Five Dodgers file for free agency — including Manny

Manny Ramirez led a contingent that also included Joe Beimel, Casey Blake, Derek Lowe and Greg Maddux. These guys didn’t waste any time, especially the Scott Boras clients. Manny, D-Lowe and Maddux all use the services of the Newport Beach-based superagent, and there is at least a decent chance that all three are headed elsewhere. Today was the first day of the free-agent filing period, which won’t end until Nov. 13. After that, teams can start negotiating. Teams can negotiate with their OWN free-agent players NOW, but none of these Boras clients is going to sign before testing the market.

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  • jamos

    I don’t think that the official Elias rankings are out yet, but I’m pretty sure that Manny and Lowe are both going to be Type-A free agents, which would mean that the Dodgers would get two draft picks if another teams signs either player.

    Draft picks could make the Manny deal even more sweet, but not as sweet as seeing him in Dodger blue for another three years at about $20 million per. Anything longer than three years and I think that the Dodgers should let him go. Too bad we can’t do the same with Andruw Jones.

    Blake, Beimel, and Maddux (provided he doesn’t retire) probably had good enough couple of years to translate into Type-B status. But the Dodgers would have to offer arbitration each player. Would they? Is there a chance that any would accept? If they don’t and are signed elsewhere, that would translate into three more supplemental picks to the Dodgers…so maybe Colletti will have a bigger draft class than usual to start working on those fundamentals that he’s been mentioning.

  • JCali in AZ


    It’s not as catchy as “Drill, baby, drill” but “Trade, Neddy, trade” needs to become the mantra that sinks into Colletti’s subconscious this winter.

    Here’s an idea that makes too much sense to happen: rekindle the mid-season Brad Penny – Robinson Cano trade talks with the Yankees. LA’s going to buy out his option anyway, so why not pick up the option, then package him with unhappy Andruw Jones and ship them to the Bronx where they can fill pinstriped holes in the Bombers’ rotation and outfield? The risk for NY is limited to one year, with two young talents coming off surgeries to help return them to productivity, each playing for a free agent contract. And while the ’09 salary difference is $13mil in LA’s favor, the remaining three years of the Cano contract equal the cost of Penny’s and Jones’s ’09 salaries.

    Three positional needs are met for the two teams involved, no extra salary is taken on overall on either side, and that $13mil ’09 savings for LA, plus one less outfielder, goes a long way toward paving the path for Manny’s happy return.

    Like I said, makes too much sense to happen.

  • Dave R.

    and I thought Yankees’ fans were delusional.

    So you want them to take on a ton of salary in the form of worthless players like Brad Penny and Andruw Jones while dealing a 26 year-old second baseman who is a .303 career hitter? Nice. Yes, Cano had a down year, but he also hit .307 after the ASB and again, Jones and Penny?

  • JCali in AZ

    NYY was reportedly already willing to take on Penny mid-year in exchange for Cano (mainly b/c of Cano’s lack of hustle, and that didn’t change much in the 2nd half).

    And there’s a story today saying that NYY wants an outfielder.

    Look beyond the surface of the deal and you’ll see it makes more sense than you’re willing to give it credit for at first glance.

    Or look at it another way. You’re Brian Cashman, already having talked at length about a Penny/Cano swap. Now you can have a GG CF added in to that deal who just had surgery to correct what presumably caused his production dropoff, and he’s playing for a FA contract? I think it’s a great deal for both sides. And Cash has to do something big to counter the Rays and open the new stadium w/ a playoff team.

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    When the Yankees were willing (at least according to reports) to deal Cano for Penny, that was BEFORE the latter’s arm problems were revealed. The reality has changed since then. Also, the Yankees, according to reports are shedding somewhere in the neighborhood of $85-90 million from last years payroll, including among others, Jason Giambi. Add to that the opening of their new, very lucarative stadium, and the Yankees are going to have globs of money to spend on free agents this winter. The last thing they need is players that the Dodgers are trying to dump. It’s a fairy tale, and it ain’t happening.