Odds for 2009

These showed up in my email this morning, from Grant Marek of Formula PR. His source is Betonline.com. These are the odds for winning the 2009 World Series. Don’t forget, though, that the last time the Phillies won the World Series (the ONLY time until now), the Dodgers won it the next year.

Boston Red Sox 3/1

Chicago Cubs 5/1

LA Angels 5/1

Philadelphia Phillies 6/1

New York Yankees 6/1

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 10/1

Chicago White Sox 10/1

New York Mets 12/1

Milwaukee Brewers 15/1

Minnesota Twins 15/1

LA Dodgers 15/1

Toronto Blue Jays 20/1

Detroit Tigers 25/1

Florida Marlins 30/1

Houston Astros 30/1

St. Louis Cardinals 30/1

Cleveland Indians 30/1

Atlanta Braves 30/1

Arizona Diamondbacks 40/1

Colorado Rockies 40/1

Texas Rangers 50/1

Cincinnati Reds 50/1

Oakland Athletics 50/1

San Francisco Giants 80/1

KC Royals 100/1

Baltimore Orioles 100/1

Seattle Mariners 100/1

San Diego Padres 100/1

Pittsburgh Pirates 200/1

Washington Nationals 300/1

Let me know if you have any questions,

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