Living La Vida Ballplayer

OK, maybe I don’t have the money or the women. But I DO have the house in Arizona. Here’s the deal: although the unwritten but largely followed rule that all major-league ballplayers MUST live in either Florida or Arizona doesn’t necessarily apply to beat writers, I have decided, for a variety of reasons (most of them financial), to follow it anyway. I am now primarily an Arizona resident, having recently purchased a shiny new home DIRECTLY across the street from the Dodgers’ new spring-training complex (yesterday, I watched from my upstairs window as a work crew hung the green screen on a batter’s eye on one of the back fields — I am THAT close). My superiors at the Daily News have been gracious enough to allow me this change, which in reality isn’t going to affect my coverage of the team in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. I will continue to cover the team just as I have for the past five years, which will mean renting in Los Angeles during the season (I’m open to suggestions on that, but as BaseballSavvy recommended in a recent email exchange, I will start with craigslist). Who knows, if I’m feeling particularly motivated, I might even make it to a couple of Arizona Fall League games before the season ends in a few weeks. But just to reassure you, the loyal readers, NOTHING WILL CHANGE as a result of this.

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  • Marcel

    The stars are lined up so perfectly for CC Sabathia becoming a Dodger; he’s even buying a house in SoCal, from what I’ve read.

    The Dodgers HAVE to make a substantial offer, no question.

  • Tony — we weren’t able to go to spring training this year because of our dogs’ medical situation, but I found it interesting when we left for home in 2007 that we saw this abandoned Albertson’s supermarket in Goodyear, Arizona:

    The surrounding neighborhood was all new and virtually a ghost town. I hope you got a terrific deal on property; there should be LOTS to choose from.

  • Tony Jackson

    Scareduck, I actually bought at a KB Home development where they show you a model home, let you pick the lot and ONLY THEN do they start building your house. Good business practice on their part, if you ask me. Every house they build is sold before they start building it. But to answer your question, yes, I DID get a very good deal. This is allegedly the second-best buyer’s market in the country right now, second only to Las Vegas. Are your dogs OK?

  • One yes, the other not so much. Both were diagnosed with cancer back in April 2007. We had to put down Foley, our boy dog, back in June; he outlived his original prognosis by about six months, so we consider that a small victory. Hannah is doing about as well as a 12-year-old dog can, considering; she’s still got cancer but it’s very slow growing. It’s been a real learning experience, that’s for sure.

  • What a lucky guy you are! Following the Dodgers and now living across the street from the Spring Training Camp! Wow! What a dream!
    (If you build it…!!)
    My cousin has lived in Gilbert, Arizona for YEARS…I recently called her and let her know I would be visiting her (maybe several times) in March 09!
    I have never been to a Spring Training game…but, since I am still recovering from the pain of the last two POST season games (I was at all of those) I am now literally counting the days til I can be in Arizona for the fresh start!
    Love your blog!

  • Tony Jackson

    Hey Julie, thanks for the great compliment. Hope you get to spend a lot of time over here next spring.

  • Mario DiLeo

    Tony…I hope you can get some lula kebab in THIS Glendale…

  • LAD Lavigne

    congrats on the new purchase tony!

  • snuffy02

    That answers it Tony: know wonder why when I met you last spring at Dodgertown you had such disdain for Vero Beach & its history. You were moving to their new site in AZ. Nothing like sucking up to the org & McCourts–your objectivity had left the building.