Furcal makes it double digits

rarRafael Furcal filed for free agency today, giving the Dodgers an even 10 free agents from this year’s club and reducing the 40-man roster to 30, not counting 60-day DL guys. Because he missed 125 games this year with his back injury, Furcal might find himself in a strange situation as far as offers from other clubs. Could turn into something similar to what Ivan Rodriguez dealt with in 2003, when he signed a one-year, $10 million contract with Florida, helped the Marlins win that year’s Wotld Series, proved that he could stay healthy and be productive, then got a long-term deal with Detroit the following winter. That would work out perfectly for the Dodgers, who are targeting 2010 as the year when Ivan De Jesus takes over as their everyday SS.

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  • Anon34

    You wrote “reducing the 40-man roster to 30, not counting 60-day DL guys.” When do the players on the 60-day DL need to be moved onto the roster? Can they hold them there through the Rule V draft? That seems open to abuse.

  • BruinFBBB

    Interesting. I wonder what this means for guys like Hu and Abreu if De Jesus, DeWitt, and Lonely have 3/4 of the infield locked up for the future? (hopefully).

  • Dave R.

    It’s going to take more than one-year offers to land Furcal after he showed in the playoffs that he was healthy. He’s probably looking at another 3/39 type deal. As for DeJesus, he brings very little to the table in tems of offense and won’t be any obstacle in the decision-making process around Furcal.

  • Tony Jackson

    Anon, not sure when those guys are activated. Might have been done already. At any rate, it has to be done before the Rule 5.

  • Marcel

    DeJesus brings “very little” in terms of offense? WHAT?

    He had an amazing year for Jacksonville as a 21-year-old. Not only was he very young for the league, but it heavily favors pitchers.


    89% SB success rate
    76/81 K/BB ratio

    He is easily a Top 3 prospect for 2009, perhaps even #1.

  • Marcel

    I should mention that’s Top 3 DODGERS prospect.

    76/81 is actually BB/K.

  • Tony Jackson

    Got clarification on the rule. The 60-day DL guys have to be activated NO LATER THAN Nov. 20. If they were placed on the 60-day late in the season (Andruw Jones), they don’t have to stay on for the full 60 days, although he still isn’t going to miss it by much.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Regarding Marcel’s remarks concerning De Jesus, I have this to say. DITTO. Not a bad year in 2007 either, as a 20 year old at Inland Empire. .287/.371/.381. His increase in slugging percentage is probably the result of increased physical maturity, which is usually what happens to very young players from year to year. Like any young prospect there are no guarantees, but for now he looks like a keeper.

    As for Hu and Abreu, they’re still solid prospects as far as I’m concerned. The more the merrier. Like I mentioned above, there are no guarantees, and it’s best to have as many options as possible. Besides, a surplus leaves room for trades.

    Finally, in case anyone is interested, the Dodgers have another good shortstop prospect in Devaris Gordon (Tom Gordon’s son) who was drafted, I believe, in the 4th round this year. Early reports are very good. Good bat, lots of speed.

  • BruinFBBB

    Makes sense. Now we just have to wait until Billy Ashley is ready and we can put him @ 3rd to shore up the infield of the future.

  • Anon34


    Do you know if any of the Dodgers top prospects needed to be added to the roster and protected from the Rule 5 draft this year?