Could be two years and an option for 2011

Just did a phone interview for ESPNNews. Those guys seem to think it’s two years and an option. That probably means the total guarantee is something LESS than $72 million, because it would only include the buyout of the option year.

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  • Andrea

    Yeah, but how often is ESPN right? Gammons tends to make up rumors just to see what sticks. I’d like to see them offer Manny 3 years at whatever it takes, and then another 1-2 option or incentive-laden years.

  • karmabad

    For crap sake…give him at least 3 years w/ a 4th option. Manny needs to remain a Dodger. Don’t screw this up Ned and co. We pay the ridiculous ticket prices year after year, pay 15 dollars to park at a disorganized parking nightmare, pay 5-6 dollars for hot dogs that are soggy, deal w/ cholos in every section, commute to the park and haven’t won a world series in 2-decades. SIGN HIM.

  • BruinFBBB

    Listen to the racist Ned!